Color Toner Kit with Metallic Printing that Designers Will Love

Color Toner Kit with Metallic Printing that Designers Will Love

Specialty printing consumables are leading the print market with the fastest growth in this sector. Until recently, this expansion was kept to a minimum by a lack of toners, inks, and specialty substrates that catered to the design-oriented market.

Now, designers, printers, and print buyers will be able to fully realize their ultimate marketing pieces and consumable printing designs with the advent of the revolutionary Xerox C60/C70 Color Kit.

Not only will designers have a full spectrum of colors at their fingertips—including white, metallics, and even clear—but they’ll be able to use all of them in the same design for printed pieces that are works of art.

With this kind of power behind your printed designs, there’s no limit to where you can take your business. Let’s take a look at exactly how the Xerox C60/C70 can offer your designers the kind of freedom of expression that translates into sales—and revenue.

High-End Printing with the Xerox C60/C70

High-end printing demands adaptable, embellished designs that aren’t limited by traditional CMYK techniques. That’s why Xerox® Adaptive CMYK Plus Technology is designed to bring more flexibility to the print design world for striking, high-value print enhancements.

Not only can you print with a variety of outstanding—and unusual—colorways, but you can realize your print design on a diverse number of substrates like silks and polyester fabrics and colored substrates.

This high level of flexibility is the critical element that allows your print pieces to cross the line from art to function, effortlessly!

Metallic Printing and Printing with White

With Xerox® Adaptive CMYK Plus Technology, you can get the consistent CMYK quality you’ve come to rely upon, or you can open the door to new and exciting possibilities using shimmering metallic inks, clear toners, and even brilliant white.

This combination of show-stopping inks allows you to target fast-growing print consumables segments, paving the way to marketing high-end greeting cards, invitations, gift vouchers, posters, and event signage.

White ink helps graphics and other areas of importance in your design pop on moody, dark-toned substrates. Plus, it allows designers to employ a light block when printing on transparent substrates. When layered behind the design, white ink helps other inks appear solid on these substrates by preventing light from passing through them.

Finally, sparkling metallic inks like gold and silver add eye-popping splashes of glamour right where you need them. From subtle touches to glamourous swathes of gold and silver, these inks can help designers strike the right balance between restrained elegance and glitz to suit every design need.

Plus, with the Xerox® Adaptive CMYK Plus Technology, you can use all eight toner colors—CMYK, Gold, Silver, White, and Clear—for exceptional designs created simply by running two passes through the machine.

Transparent Printing

Having a clear dry ink on hand for those special touches is invaluable.

Even though Xerox’ clear ink is entirely transparent, the subtle shine it adds to print projects provides just the right touch of elegance to greeting cards, business cards, and even outdoor signage.

Clear touches can help add subtle highlights for a classy finish or draw attention to essential design elements by adding reflective flashes.

Kelley Imaging – Your Managed Print Services Experts in Portland, Oregon

If you’re a business in Portland, Oregon looking for this kind of versatility, flexibility, and impact, you’ll want a Managed Network and Print Services expert to help move you through the process of getting your new Xerox onboard.

Kelley Imaging knows how to help you harness the power of this cutting-edge print technology with state-of-the-art machines like the Xerox C60 and the Xerox C70 to take your print game—and revenue—to the next level.

If you’re ready to see how much of a difference our newest Xerox technology options can make for your business, get in touch with one of Kelley Imaging consultants today.

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