10 Steps You Can Take Now to Increase Your Cybersecurity

10 Steps You Can Take Now to Increase Your Cybersecurity

With 43% of cyberattacks targeting small businesses, it’s more critical than ever to be able to mitigate risks, reduce vulnerabilities, and stave off attacks. And yet, only about 14% of businesses say they could effectively withstand an attack. In fact, 60% of companies go out of business within six months of a data breach or other cybersecurity issues.

Half of small businesses polled had experienced a data breach, while 55% were the victims of a cyberattack. Almost half of the attacks were web-based, but a large number were malware, denial of services, ransomware, SQL injection, and more.

One of the easiest ways for hackers to exploit system-level security vulnerabilities is by capitalizing on out-of-date versions of operating systems and other software. But small businesses often have overworked and understaffed IT departments, or even no IT support at all, so keeping current with updates becomes a difficult chore.

With so many threats at large, what can your business do to stay protected? We’ve curated ten of the most essential cybersecurity practices here to help you get — and stay — protected.

10 Cybersecurity Best Practices You Can Start Using Right Now

If you’re concerned about data protection and cybersecurity measures for your business or organization, now is the time to start planning. Here are ten tried-and-true steps that can start you on your way to a more secure future.

Develop a Risk Management Plan

Before you get started, make sure you set up a risk management plan for your organization that has cybersecurity as a priority.

Manage Access

Monitor and control access and defend your network from attack by limiting accounts with high-level privileges and clearly defining account management processes.

Provide Malware Protection

Scan for malware across all business departments and establish up-to-date anti-malware defenses.

Increase Network Security

To keep networks safe from both internal and external attacks, manage the perimeter of the network by filtering unauthorized access and controlling malicious content. Test security measures regularly for best results.

Educate Network Users

Write and implement user security policies and provide staff training to maintain awareness of security risks and cyberthreats.

Control Removable Media

Limit the use and types of removable media (USBs, external hard drives, etc.) and scan all media for malware and viruses before connecting with your organization’s system.

Stay Up to Date

Ensure all security patches and updates are applied as soon as they are released. Maintain a system inventory with baseline requirements and ensure they’re maintained.

Manage Incidents

Develop an incident management/disaster recovery plan and test it. Provide training to in-house IT specialists. Report appropriate incidents to law enforcement.

Continue Monitoring

Continuously monitor networks and systems and analyze logs for suspicious activities.

Develop a Policy for Working Remotely

Develop a policy for mobile working and educate employees. Use your secure baseline to determine all devices are equally secured so data is protected in transit and on devices.

Deploying all ten of these practices will help your business stay secure and protected in a world filled with cyberattacks and often threatened by natural disasters.

Kelley Imaging – Your IT/Cybersecurity Solutions Experts in Seattle, Washington

Whether your in-house IT team needs assistance creating an actionable and successful cybersecurity plan or you don’t have IT support at all, Kelley Imaging can help.

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We can leverage these to provide your network with the greatest possible level of protection and keep you on the cutting-edge of cybersecurity.

If your business needs advice on how to protect your data from IT security breaches, get in touch with one of Kelley Imaging consultants today.

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