4 Powerful Steps for Successful Digital Transformation

4 Powerful Steps for Successful Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is no longer optional.

Any business that wants to succeed in a digital world must learn to leverage technology throughout the breadth of its organization to grow sales and revenue, secure data, and provide an outstanding customer experience.

And yet, less than 30% of organizations succeed at this critical task. Of those that manage it, fewer than 17% find that their digital transformation has improved performance and influenced long-term changes.

Nonetheless, most companies continue to make effort toward increasing their use of technology to improve internal and external processes.

What is Digital Transformation, Anyway?

Technically speaking, digital transformation is the process of deploying technology to revolutionize all areas of business — from office systems to shipping, human resources to IT security, and customer experience to product development.

No longer just a buzzword, digital transformation refers to the constantly evolving nature of today’s digital environment and how businesses are using it to provide better services, quality products, and secure shopping experiences for customers.

What You Need to Make Your Organization’s Digital Transformation a Success

After you’ve defined what digital transformation means for your organization, it’s time to make a plan for the smoothest conversion to your new process.

Start with the Culture

Digital transformation is more than just innovation, hardware, or software.

It’s a top-down adoption of a new corporate culture. For best results, ensure that you have the buy-in of your organization’s leaders and make sure there’s a collaborative consensus among departments regarding your direction.

Investing in employee training and education to build a strong, motivated team is another way to make positive changes that take hold.

Clarify — and Simplify — Your Goals

One mistake many companies make is to go “all-in” when conducting a digital makeover.

Instead, slow down and concentrate on how you can use technology in your core processes to accelerate current revenue streams, carve out new niches for your products or services, or pinpoint customer problems and needs.

Choose a simple, easily achievable goal to begin with to maximize success. Then, allow time for the changes in technology to become second nature for your staff and for the benefits of increased productivity — and revenue — to be realized.

Once you’ve successfully transformed one aspect of your business, moving on to the next goal will go much more smoothly.

Focus on Streamlining and Automating

Using digital tools to make information accessible throughout your company is a great, and effective, way to streamline processes for increased productivity and cost savings.

By giving day-to-day tools a transformation through the power of digital technology, you can create a new organizational norm that can bolster success. This is especially useful in the areas of printing and copying technology, data collection and distribution, analytics, and other everyday tasks.

Ensure You Have the Right Hardware and Software to Meet Your Goals

Once you’ve outlined your goals, you can ensure you have the proper hard- and software to proceed — and succeed.

For example, if you’re dealing with transforming data distribution, collection, or security, you’ll most likely want a secure cloud server that can handle the data you’re working on while keeping you in compliance with any regulations and security needs.

For those looking to reevaluate their office technology, automating printers, copiers, and other office machines may require staying current with appropriate software. For this reason, using managed print services is a perfect way to stay on the cutting edge of advances in technology.

Employing the services of an IT professional who understands the complexities of standard office equipment plus how to manage both hardware and software troubleshooting can reduce downtime and keep productivity high during your transition.

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