Best HP Wide Format Printers for Missoula Architects and Engineers

Best HP Wide Format Printers for Missoula Architects and Engineers

Architect and engineering firms have a large document footprint, as designing remains an iterative process. During the review and release cycles, many teams still prefer to collaborate and resolve integration issues between disciplines. Although PDF commenting tools and electronic workflows can alleviate the overall printing costs, eliminating all hardcopy documents is merely impossible. Engineers and architects still need to file physical copies of their designs with local or state authorities, and often contracts stipulate that transmittals should include hardcopies as well as the electronic files when submitting.

For these reasons, careful consideration should go into choosing the right wide format printer for an architect or engineering firm. As there are more options available on the market than ever before, each model comes with different features and advantages. The latest wide-format technologies come with improved ink formulas, higher precision, and faster production speeds.

Major Wide Format Companies for Missoula Architect and Engineering Firms

Top manufacturers keep releasing new models with additional features that provide better software integrations. While these aren’t the only improvements, it does make the new wide-format devices more productive. For capturing markups, ensuring an A1-sized scanner is included can prevent the need to redo comments manually on a PDF from a field drawing before submitting it for a revision request. In order to track costs, the device should integrate with the company’s active directory that ensures usage tracking and access control.

Some of the latest manufacturers and models include:

  • HP DesignJet T120 is an entry-level, heavy-duty full-color printer
  • Canon ImagePROGRAF PRO-2000 comes packed with features for producing wide-format images (such as surveys or contour maps)
  • Epson SureColor P20000 delivers excellent quality prints at an optimal speed for large print jobs

From the models above, the HP range is probably better suited to engineering and architecture applications. It offers the lowest cost per print and uses dye-based ink. For firms that use 3D modeling and photo-realistic rendering as part of their designs, the HP DesignJet Z series wide-format printers would be a better option.

Specific Things to Look for When Choosing a New Wide Format Printer

Before making a decision, firms should investigate the operational specifications of the wide format printer in question. As the equipment is a crucial part of the company’s essential infrastructure, opting for the wrong model could be a long-term mistake.

Additional information and questions include:

  • Details on the precision of the printer, such as maximum resolution and minimum line width
  • Speed and efficiency for processing prints from sheets or roll-feeds
  • Enhanced technology that uses less power and integrates with existing digital systems
  • Operating costs such as consumables, maintenance cycles, and servicing requirements
  • Total possible volumes the device can produce
  • How easy the printer is to use as well as restock

Firms may also want to enquire about print durability and the ink’s water resistivity. The specifics regarding the above factors will allow the company to decide on an economical and efficient wide format printer that produces high-quality designs at a cost-effective price.

HP DesignJet T and Z Series Wide Format Printers

HP has been a leader of office technology for some time, and their range of wide-format printers are no different. The new DesignJet T and Z Series printers provide the highest quality, precision prints using HP proprietary technology. They also come with the latest HP security features and print optimization software.

HP DesignJet T120 Wide Format Printer

The HP DesignJet T120 is an economical option for offices that require many prints at the lowest cost. The T120 supports up to A1 size prints, comes in a compact design, and supports mobile printing.

The T120 specifications include:

  • Pigment-based black (K) and dye-based (CMY) color prints
  • Support for bond and coated paper and media
  • The precision of 1200 x 1200 dpi for both color and black prints
  • Lower power consumption with only 35w used during print operations
  • Line accuracy of 0.1% and guaranteed minimum line width of 0.0028 inches

HP DesignJet Z6610 Production Printer

The DesignJet Z6610 printer provides best in class graphic production. Although most engineers don’t need to produce rich media, if architects are producing artistic renderings of their designs, they may need to create prints of these for customers to review or for signage at the building site. The DesignJet Z6610 uses six color pigment-based inks and uses HP Double-Drop technology to produce the highest quality images.

Kelley Imaging – Your Wide Format Printer Experts in Missoula, Montana

For over 40 years, Kelley Imaging has provided the latest office technology to businesses in the Garden State. Kelley Imaging’s services in Missoula County include managed print services, managed network services, and document management solutions. Kelley Imaging also supports environmentally sustainable printing practices.

If your engineering or architecture firm needs advice on which new wide format printer will suit your office best, get in touch with one of Kelley Imaging consultants today.

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