Creative Digital Signage – Inspiration for Missoula Businesses

Creative Digital Signage – Inspiration for Missoula Businesses

Quickly becoming more popular than their static counterparts, digital signage solutions offer many opportunities for companies to drive engagement from customers. The digital advertising industry has grown exponentially ever since internet and email services became readily available to populations around the world. These types of campaigns still require rich media and expert copy to pique the interest of users, but the real benefit comes in the form of personalization. When a person feels that the advertisement speaks to a specific need they have, they are naturally more likely to engage with that product or brand.

Digital signage extends a company’s personalization capabilities beyond digital platforms and into their public spaces. The opportunity to change content dynamically based on an event or data-point automatically, means customers feel personally valued and understood. The displays themselves integrate with many different systems to deliver intelligent and responsive digital communication to customers.

The Importance of Digital Signage for Missoula Businesses

Brand identity requires more than only running an ad campaign regularly. Many factors determine the public’s opinion of a company. The experiences customers have at a company has a considerable impact on the company’s overall reputation. A single lousy service experience will usually lead to a customer to end their relationship with a company. This may be the worst-case scenario, but modern consumers are sophisticated and technologically savvy, meaning what they consider a terrible experience is continuously changing.

Digital signage can help minimize or eliminate lousy customer experiences. Firstly, companies can reduce the perception of wait times in queues by showing information or entertainment. They can also provide essential geographic information such as weather and or even display local news stories. If a customer isn’t bored waiting in line, they will respond more positively with the staff and other people.

For restaurants or fast-food outlets, interactive kiosks can speed up the ordering process or display the latest specials. McDonald's recently moved to implement a completely automated ordering process, helping them free up staff to focus on mission-critical tasks in their operation, which is delivering burgers to clients quickly and consistently.

Challenges with Digital Signs

The challenges with digital signage are usually the initial cost-investment required. However, if a company is willing to move to a more interactive communication model, there are still other obstacles to overcome. As the hardware and technology rely on integrating different data sources, as well as require graphic design and media layout, there is a learning curve involved to implement an effective digital signage system.

Some of the considerations that go into a digital signage system include:

  • Content should be live and dynamic
  • Data should be relevant and personalized wherever possible
  • Format and layouts should be appropriate to the screens and resolutions
  • Companies should also determine what value the digital displays would add

As this is a crucial investment for any business to undertake, planning the rollout and implementation requires due diligence and commitment from different stakeholders. Creative resources need to collaborate with operational (or public-facing) staff, while marketing departments need to ensure a consistent look and feel across all the different platforms.

Examples of Digital Signage Applications

Digital signage provides many opportunities to interact dynamically with customers, no matter what the industry. While waiting areas are the prominent place to deploy the displays, other scenarios such as retail stores and product showcases can also benefit.

Some creative examples of digital signage implementations include:

  • Boosting employee and staff morale with inspirational quotes or birthday wishes in the office
  • Implementing way finders and interactive maps throughout a facility
  • Motivate staff by displaying a competitor’s information or performance results
  • Inform everyone of any policy or process changes
  • For food services, cooking videos can show how meals are prepared before customers place their orders.
  • Keeping employees on track with real-time KPI dashboards

Companies can add value to their business in many different ways using digital signage. The technology supports any business or institution. With a centralized control panel and content creation tools included, any kind of message, interaction, or communication is possible, and variety shouldn’t be a problem.

Kelley Imaging – Your Digital Signage Experts in Missoula, Montana

Kelley Imaging has delivered digital-first solutions to customers in Missoula County since 1974. With a range of different digital signage displays available, every business can improve their communication and marketing strategies with rich, personalized media. Using Toshiba Virtuoso or Sharp Aquos software, companies can centralize the administration of the entire system, including content creation and orchestrating data integrations.

The types of displays available at Kelley Imaging include:

  • Outdoor and indoor units
  • Interactive touch displays
  • Menu boards and video walls

To revolutionize the interactive communication capabilities at your business, reach out to one of Kelley Imaging’s technical experts today.

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