Get Personal with Personalized Print

Get Personal with Personalized Print

Everyone is more likely to pay attention and engage when it’s personal! Personalization is raising the bar for marketing strategies around the globe. Whether it’s a picture of your favorite furry friend on a coffee mug or a marketing piece designed specifically for your business, when it’s personal – it commands attention.

Use Personalized Print to Elevate Your Branding and Increase Revenue

Multiple surveys have shown that elements of personalization increases the influence on consumer purchasing and profoundly impacts those buying decisions. According to an Infosys survey, 25% of consumers say that aspects of customization significantly influence what they purchase, while a whopping 86% admit that the trend toward personalization has at least some impact on their buying decisions.

On a corporate level, an even more recent study by Forbes Insights, it was reported that 40% of the surveyed executives agree that customer personalization has a direct impact on increasing sales, and 37% agree it helps to promote customer lifetime value. At least a third of the respondents noted that customer transaction frequency was on the rise after the implementation of personalized marketing strategies. In keeping with the growth of this trend in the marketplace, 57% of marketing professionals are looking at implementing personalization in the next year, while 41% consider it a priority right now.

In a competitive market, the drive to stay one step ahead should be at the forefront of any marketing strategy. This rapid growth of personalized print as a marketing tool is accelerated by advancements in digital printing technologies that make it possible to create bespoke packaging; print company logos on virtually any material; and craft personalized signage, door wraps, and even window clings that can deliver targeted messages directly to customers.

Digital print plus personalization gives even small businesses the power to provide a highly personalized customer experience that increases customer loyalty and drives brand recognition.

Why Your Business Needs Personalized Print TODAY

The numbers don’t lie — many corporate marketing departments are including personalized marketing strategies in their marketing practices. That means that early adopters of this technique will claim — and retain — their share of loyal customers first.

With one-third of consumers wanting even more personalization in their shopping experience, personalized print is a hot-button to jumpstart brand interaction and impact the purchasing habits of your clients and customers.

Additionally, maximized engagement and conversion are achieved through targeted promotional products that feature corporate logos and branding. These products increase brand recognition with little or no active effort.

Brand saturation leads to a surge in recognition, and this recognition fuels an uptick in buying habits. And, that critical increase in buying equals an increase in revenue for companies savvy enough to leverage the power of personalized print.

Personalized Print Solutions for Every Business

If you’re a corporation, personalized print is a great way to brand events consistently for greater impact. Imagine signage, business cards, invitations, and decorations that all support your brand image at your next event.

Also, you can provide your customers with takeaways and gifts in branded wrapping paper or send personalized and branded cards for any occasion to keep your brand front-and-center.

Personalized print can even be a money-saving strategy, as corporate cards can be signed once and duplicated as many times as needed, cutting down the amount of staff time required for processing.

Finally, personalized print allows you to brand your office space with creative door wraps, window clings, and high-quality, sturdy signage for both indoor and outdoor use.

If you’re a print shop, you can leverage this powerful marketing trend to deliver this kind of impact to your corporate customers through outsourcing to elevate their brand. With the digital printing industry exploding into the $11-billion range in 2019, there is plenty of room for revenue growth through this offering.

Kelley Imaging — Your Print Shop Experts in Montana, Oregon, and Washington

Whether you’re an organization looking to enhance your brand image with personalization or a print shop looking to offer corporate customers innovative ways to print company logos on signage, high-quality customized packaging, or a variety of cards and décor, Kelley Imaging has you covered.

With Kelley’s state-of-the-art digital printing capabilities, corporate personalization is fast, easy, and effective. A taste of what we offer includes 3-foot by 6-foot rolls of wrapping paper, holiday cards with custom envelopes, custom invitations, many kinds of signage, and easy design-your-own templates.

If you want to explore the myriad ways personalized print can increase the impact of your marketing strategy, there’s no better time than now. Talk to a Kelley Imaging consultant today and discover first-hand all of the personalized print options available at one of our nearby locations.

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