How a Multifunction Printer Can Boost Your Company’s Productivity and Profitability

How a Multifunction Printer Can Boost Your Company’s Productivity and Profitability

Over recent decades, office printers and copiers have undergone extreme changes as technology has refined their capabilities.

Today, companies can harness the abilities of a copier, scanner, printer, and fax machine (or a complete publishing system) in a single piece of equipment—the multifunction printer (MFP).

And today’s multifunction printers have significantly improved since they were first developed. They can provide intuitive controls that help a small business—or a department in a more substantial company—centralize their document management and production.

A Multifunction Printer Can Transform Your Workflow

Multifunction printers come in many designs with features you can choose according to your office needs. For example, in high-use environments, a laser printer-based model may work best, while inkjet-based multifunction printers work well in smaller settings.

There are even production-sized MFPs that can keep up with the high speed, high-quality requirements of a production setting.

Ultimately, the MFP you choose will be an asset to your office workflow, providing multiple abilities in just one machine.


One distinct advantage of an MFP is the ability to save space while experiencing the functionality of several devices. And, while the cost of an MFP may initially exceed what you’d typically pay for a traditional printer, it is much less than purchasing all of those machines—fax, scanner, copier, and printer—individually.

If you’re looking for an MFP for production, you’ll have the ability to choose a printer that’s configured for your specific needs—from general office printing to a full-blown publishing solution with integrated hole-punching, stapling, or binding options.

For ease of use, today’s MFPs, whether oriented toward print production or workflow optimization, are now configured with touchscreens that can lead users through the printing, copying, or scanning processes effortlessly.


Capabilities are dependent on the brand and type of MFP you choose, but here are the highlights.

Output capabilities are expanded with an MFP. Some machines, like the Xerox D-Series, can print between 100 and 136 pages per minute.

Printers like these can provide you with high-resolution print images and handle varying weights of paper stock. Also, you can opt to purchase a machine with a finishing station that allows you to staple, hole punch, and otherwise finish your documents for a professional look.

Add to those high-level print functions the versatility of a copier, fax, and scanner, and you can optimize your workflows quickly and efficiently.

MFPs can also feature a cloud-based archiving system to allow you to store and retrieve vital information off-site for better security and faster access. Customizable interfaces will enable you to custom-tailor your work experience to meet your employee’s needs more closely and intuitively for a shorter learning curve.


Multifunction printers need the same level of protection as your computer network, as they are now network-connected devices. Fortunately, a print company with expertise in multifunctional devices will be able to provide state-of-the-art protection for your device for worry-free workflows.

Newer, smart MFPs are already designed with multiple layers of defenses to foil hackers. These typically include double-layered password protection, encrypted hard drives, and watermarking.

Printer Apps

Finally, today’s MFPs come with easy-to-use applications that can be downloaded on any smartphone or mobile device to allow employees access to print functions whether they’re in the next room, or on the road.

Kelley Imaging – Your Print Experts in Portland, Oregon

Kelley Imaging has been providing print services to a wide variety of businesses in the Portland, Oregon area for decades, so they understand the intricate print and document needs across several industries.

Whether you need to configure a printer for communication—copying, faxing, and scanning—or you need a robust production printer to help you publish professional-looking document sets, Kelley has you covered.

If you’re ready to learn more about how an MFP can optimize your workflow, improve productivity, and increase profitability, get in touch with one of our Kelley Imaging consultants today.

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