How Cloud Continuity Provides Unsurpassed Protection for Your PC — and Your Business

How Cloud Continuity Provides Unsurpassed Protection for Your PC — and Your Business

Disaster always seems to strike when you least expect it, and hackers are experts at mounting fast, furious, and unexpected attacks on businesses.

In the first six months of this year alone, attacks were mounted against supply chain businesses, governments, collection agencies, healthcare providers, and other organizations that crippled these businesses and exposed the data of millions.

An attack, whether by malware, ransomware, DDOS, or other breaches, can take PCs, laptops, and other devices offline, severely impacting your company’s ability to do business.

But that’s not the only threat to your business continuity.

With more employees working remotely, there’s also the threat of lost or stolen devices — and that doesn’t include the fact that machines occasionally fail for many mechanical reasons. Hard drives can fail, depending on the make and model, at a rate of more than 29%.

Given all the factors that can combine to cause downtime for your business, it’s a smart idea to consider implementing a PC continuity program to provide amplified protection and functionality.

The Benefits of Cloud Continuity for PCs

PC cloud continuity is part of a business continuity/disaster recovery plan that can help keep your workforce online and productive in the event of a cybersecurity event, software glitch, or mechanical failure.

It involves conducting automated backups of all employee devices that store data directly to the Cloud, where it can be protected with several layers of security. This provides several benefits for businesses, chief among which are:

File Recovery

When employees are working on the road, laptops filled with critical data may not be backed up regularly. When data is automatically stored in the Cloud, permanent data loss is mitigated through easy restoration of data from the Cloud server.

What’s even better is that, should an employee lose their PC or have it stolen, a virtual version can be downloaded from the Cloud at any location to avoid lost productivity and keep business processes running smoothly.

The backup from the Cloud will provide a run-ready version of their original PC, including initial configuration and applications. That means there’s no learning curve, no frustration with trying to find files in a disorganized desktop environment, and no downtime.

Ransomware Protection

With more small businesses falling prey to ransomware and other malware, PC Cloud continuity can help ensure you’re able to recover lost data from the last scheduled backup, bypassing the need to pay ransoms and preserving your business’ functionality.

Cloud continuity programs can reduce network downtime in the event of a catastrophic attack. Also, they provide a centralized location to store — and protect — sensitive and crucial business data for easy retrieval and restoration under most conditions.

Consolidating and managing data in the Cloud helps to empower small businesses with the kind of cutting-edge technology previously available only to larger corporations.

Risks of Cloud Continuity for PCs

While Cloud systems can be more protective of data, they are challenging to move between, so businesses need to choose a Cloud provider they’ll feel comfortable with for the long run.

Also, organizations that transition data assets to a Cloud often lose some visibility or control over those assets if they don’t have periodically conduct monitoring and analysis of applications, users, and services.

Finally, hackers who gain access to the credentials of a Cloud-based user can compromise and target organizational assets, even in the Cloud environment. Businesses should take extra care to protect credentials, monitor users and access, and assign an administrator.

Kelley Imaging — Your IT Services Experts in Seattle, Washington

If you’re a business in Seattle, Washington that is ready to experience the protection, preservation of productivity, and increased functionality that comes with the implementation of a PC Cloud continuity program, Kelly Imaging is standing by ready to help.

Our partnership with Datto, the leader in business continuity, disaster recovery, and file protection, can help us position your company to withstand data disasters from cyberattacks to mechanical failures.

If you need the kind of enhanced data security that can keep your business functioning at optimal capacity, talk to a Kelley Imaging consultant today to learn more about protecting your network with PC Cloud continuity.

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