How Great Falls Businesses Can Practice Sustainability Through Printer Cartridge Recycling

How Great Falls Businesses Can Practice Sustainability Through Printer Cartridge Recycling

In a world where 88% of consumers are more interested in brands that are making a difference in the environment, many companies are developing corporate sustainability programs. These programs can range from simple recycling initiatives to reforestation projects that even provide jobs in low resource areas.

While it might be an excellent way to grow business, developing a new corporate focus on sustainability from the ground up can be daunting, requiring resources, personnel, time and money to implement.

That’s where printer cartridge recycling and innovative partnership programs that dovetail with Managed Print Services can help both small and large companies protect the environment — and grow their businesses — with practically no effort at all.

Recycling Printer Cartridges for Enormous Impact on the Environment

It seems impossible that a simple print cartridge would have much impact on the environment.

However, many companies have made a commitment to corporate environmental responsibility by partnering with programs that manage sustainability for them.

In fact, one company diverted more than 348 million pounds of waste from landfills through the use of remanufactured products and reuse throughout their stages of operation, in close cooperation with the groundbreaking PrintReleaf program.


By partnering with programs like PrintReLeaf, businesses can offset their carbon footprint by keeping print cartridges out of landfills and contribute to reforestation. For every 8.333 pages printed, the PrintReLeaf program plants a tree for your business in forests across the globe. This not only improves our world’s environment, but it supplies reforestation jobs in areas where these forests are being planted, impacting human lives in a positive way.

The program integrates easily with the software applications of many popular Managed Print Services offerings, so there’s no extra effort required from your office manager, IT professionals, or other staff. Your environmental offset is calculated automatically, and trees are planted in the areas you specify — without any additional action on the part of your business.

In addition to taking care of your sustainability needs, PrintReLeaf provides an audit process to keep track of reforestation progress and they’re third-party verified by an international forestry auditor to provide transparency and certification. This makes it easy for companies to promote their participation in sustainable business practices and track — and share — their impact with customers.

With PrintReLeaf taking care of the details, becoming environmentally responsible is easy, cost-effective, and a perfect way to reach sustainability-minded customers throughout your sales funnel.

Recycling Printer Cartridges Save the Environment — and Money

While recycling printer cartridges is a big step toward sustainability, it also makes good fiscal sense. By combining Managed Print Services with recycling, businesses can save up to 40 percent on print costs while reducing your environmental impact.

And, there are no worries regarding quality when using recycled products. Remanufactured printer cartridges are tested for quality against OEM brands during the manufacturing process, so they bring the same level of quality to your print projects — and those of your customers.

With Managed Print, you’ll get exceptional recycled products delivered right to your door in perfect sync with your printing output and needs. That means no products aging in inventory and more capital in your business account to focus on the critical priorities of business growth. 

Kelley Imaging — Your PrintReLeaf Experts in Great Falls, Montana

Kelley Imaging is proud to partner with the PrintReLeaf program to bring businesses in Great Falls, Montana access to reliable, sustainable practices. Working with this program through us can save you money, boost your public profile, and help preserve our precious resources.

If you’re ready to get involved with sustainability and save money, a combination of Managed Print Services and access to PrintReLeaf is a powerful way to get started.

Our team of experts has the experience necessary to provide seamless integration with your current workload and access to the highest quality recycled printer cartridges for outstanding performance and production.

If your Great Falls business is ready to save money and protect the environment, get in touch with one of Kelley Imaging’s consultants today.

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