How to Manage Printing and Document Management for Insurance Offices

How to Manage Printing and Document Management for Insurance Offices

Insurance companies have a specific set of needs when it comes to printing. Not only do they have specialized printing needs due to the intensive amount of copies their industry requires, but they also share a higher need for document security. Insurance firms are perennial targets of cybercriminals who are well aware of the value of the personal information these businesses possess.

Why Insurance Companies Should Outsource to Print and Document Managed Services

There are a number of important reasons that insurance companies should outsource their print and document management. Most significantly of these are the benefits in cost savings. Insurance firms should be free to focus on the core operations of their business. After all, it’s the insurance service and competency that is rewarded with customers, not printing and document management. These services are better suited for managed services such as those offered by leading companies like Kelley Imaging.

Essential Features of Managed Document Services, Why They’re Important to Insurance Companies

Managed document services offer many benefits. Here are some of the most significant services you can get from reliable companies like Kelley Imaging.

  • DocuWare
  • Treeno Enterprise Document Management
  • ABBYY Software

These are features that no insurance company should be without. Managers should actively seek out these services to best serve the interests of the insurance business as a whole.

Print Management for Insurance Companies

Insurance companies can benefit immensely from outsourcing to a managed print service. One of the greatest advantages of these services are the significant enhancements in operational efficiency. Tricky and menial processes like printing, equipment, and ink purchasing can be managed more effectively and at a lower cost than insurance companies who maintain the same functions in-house.

Managed print services leaders like Kelley Imaging can handle the ordering of ink, and printing equipment at a lower cost than what is possible in-house without partnering with a managed service.     

How Insurance companies Can Outsource Regulatory Compliance Concerns to Managed Services

Clever insurance managers will recognize the benefits of outsourcing regulatory concerns to a managed service. Not only is it more efficient in terms of cost, but it also yields substantial savings. Managed compliance services are provided in the form of powerful software. The software helps to keep up with government regulations, which in the insurance business as you know, are quite prolific. This software is far less expensive facilitating than executing in-house.

How Document Management Services Address Operational Inefficiencies in the Insurance Business

Insurance businesses are just that, businesses that handle insurance. The other operational concerns that require management and maintenance are sometimes left by the wayside. After all the primary focus of insurance companies is, of course, insurance. Other business concerns can be managed more efficiently in terms of both cost and operation by managed document services.    

Insurance companies Can Benefit from the Security Features of Managed Services

Insurance companies handle a lot of sensitive personal and financial information that can have a large impact on thousands of people. Protecting this information is paramount. Managed services like those offered by Kelley Imaging can incorporate tight security measures while handling things such as document management and print services. 

The added security features firms receive from managed document services are worth every penny. Money spent on security is money well spent in today’s market. Security is especially important in the insurance business which represents a desirable target to hackers worldwide. The importance of security in 2019 cannot be overstated, and it is absolutely imperative to have adequate security features as an insurance business which often requires the added security provided by managed document services like Kelley Imaging.

Managed Network Services for Insurance Companies and Why They Need Them

Managed network services are another advantage that insurance companies should be sure to take. Digital infrastructure should be outsourced in its entirety to a reliable managed service like Kelley Imaging.   

Security is another strong reason why insurance companies should outsource to a managed network service. With a managed network service, the highly coveted services of security experts can be had at a fraction of the cost compared to in-house security teams.

Why Insurance Companies Need Managed Distribution Services

Yet another strategic benefit available to insurance companies are managed distribution services. This takes stress off of managers as the digital distribution gives close attention to regulations and compliance issues.

Kelley Imaging, a Leader in Print, Document, Network, and Distribution Management

Decision makers in the insurance business should strongly consider outsourcing their document and printing management to a reliable service like Kelley Imaging. Insurance companies face steep challenges in an unforgiving market and managers should take advantage of key benefits like managed printing and document services. 

Have a chat with Kelley Imaging today to learn about how our print and document management can help you stay competitive in the insurance business.

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