How Wireless Technology Has Changed the Face of Education Forever

How Wireless Technology Has Changed the Face of Education Forever

Technology continues to grow exponentially as we make our way into the 21st century. As it continues to expand and evolve, it is completely redesigning the face of education — creating an entirely new approach to learning.

For example, the number of online degrees offered — and achieved — is growing, with 30 percent of U.S. students taking at least one class online. While originally aimed at non-traditional students such as working adults, online education is becoming more common among high-achieving traditional students than ever before.

At the college level, online learning opportunities are valued because they offer the benefit of interactive communication without the expense of traveling to classes, potentially in a large and traffic-prone metropolitan area.

But this trend is trickling down into our K-12 schools where mobile devices and Wi-Fi-connected laptops and desktops are fast-becoming a mainstay in the classroom. Kids are more connected than ever, with wireless communication a firm part of their skillset.

It makes sense that savvy educators would want to leverage the power of this technology to provide an enriching learning experience for students of all ages.

The Benefits of a Wireless Classroom

Bringing wireless into the classroom has numerous benefits for both students and teachers. As this technology continues to expand, more specialized equipment and software develop alongside it to deliver a completely immersive educational experience.

Remote Classroom Experience

Students in a wireless environment can connect to classes anytime, anywhere to make access to educational materials simple. This can make it possible to audit a class from home and even “attend” class while sick or it can bring specialized classes to individuals in far-flung or rural locations.

Remote classrooms can even provide learners a way to continue their education during travel or other times when an off-site approach is necessary. This kind of classroom set-up can also offer immediate feedback on exams and assignments — a plus when it comes to tracking progress in real time.

Finally, virtual classrooms provide the ultimate in time management for working adults who often don’t have the time to travel to on-site classes due to the restrictions of work and rush-hour traffic.

Better Collaboration

Through Wi-Fi-enabled systems students can share, edit, and store files easily among a group of peers, allowing them to collaborate more effectively. This translates into real-world benefits as employers highly value employees who can function as team players.

Custom-Tailored Instruction

Wireless learning allows teachers to consider their students’ preferred learning styles when presenting lessons. Topics can be fleshed out with a series of emails, presentations, chat sequences, or even audio files.

Teachers can even create their own applications to boost student participation and learning and can provide instant feedback on student progress.

Cost Savings

The federal government, through its E-rate program, can provide a 90 percent savings on the cost of Wi-Fi for eligible schools.

After a school is connected wirelessly, students can connect their own devices to the network or used school-provided ones, depending on the policy of the individual school.

Interactive Access to the World

With wireless connection, students of all grades have increased access to information — and individuals — from around the globe. This allows a greater level of interaction and education about people from all walks of life so long as a strong translation app is available to bridge potential language barriers.

The Xerox Easy Translator Service is one way to bring the world right to the door of any educational institution. Using state-of-the-art technology, the Easy Translator app can connect you with over 55,000 translation professionals who can instantly translate documents into more than 35 languages.

This capacity can give students a great way to interact and collaborate with other students from around the globe, providing an exceptionally enriching educational experience.

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