Kelley Imaging Takes Great Falls into the Future by Making the Switch from Paper to Digital

Kelley Imaging Takes Great Falls into the Future by Making the Switch from Paper to Digital

Today’s consumers are highly concerned with corporate environmental responsibility. Going paperless is a great way to help conserve our planet’s valuable resources while increasing productivity and saving money — a perfect trifecta of sensible business goals.

Add to that the fact that many consumers — 34% of baby boomers and GenXers combined — say that digital transactions comprise the bulk of their interactions and going from paper to digital looks even smarter.

Some of the resistance to going paperless results from these common factors such as:

  • Corporate inertia
  • Lengthy start-up time
  • Outdated systems
  • Associated costs

Fortunately, a good print solutions company can easily provide the software, equipment, and IT management advice your business needs to conduct a smooth transition from paper to digital.

They can also minimize downtime during transition, provide training to key personnel to shorten the learning curve, and help management make the right decision on storage, security, and other crucial decisions.

Go Paperless with Wireless Printing

When your company goes wireless, it gives your staff the flexibility of printing from multiple devices without the inconvenience of wires and cords that tether devices in place.

For office management and IT staff, there’s the added convenience of a custom dashboard, where you can grant — or remove — access to print devices, manage queues for rush projects, and monitor usage at the touch of a button.

Staff can easily scan paper documents to digital form so you can edit, translate, store, retrieve, and share documents with staff or customers easily. Some innovative printing apps even allow documents to be stored as audio files for increased flexibility.

But there is even more depth of use in today’s high-tech crop of wireless printing apps and equipment with features designed to increase revenue, boost production, increase security, and save money.

Experience Increased Productivity with the Ease of Mobile Printing

Mobile printing allows your staff to print on-the-go with apps that are downloaded to mobile devices. Any document that can be emailed, can be printed seamlessly from mobile phones, tablets, or other mobile devices.

This way, sales staff and off-site personnel can conduct business without interruption with the tap of a finger. Printer settings are easily configured right in the app for convenience and documents are safe and secure, whether they’re in the cloud or stored in-house.

Choose Printing Applications that Save You Money

With wireless printing comes a host of printing applications designed to cater to busy workplaces. They’ve been devised to complete a multitude of necessary print and document tasks, working together seamlessly to speed workflow, increase productivity, reduce errors, save money, and increase data security.

With an electronic document management system, the return on investment over time compared to traditional print makes it a cost-effective solution for document storage and printing. In addition, a good document management system can provide state-of-the-art data protection that keeps up with current cyberthreats to keep your — and your customers’ — data safe.

For your convenience, you can store your information in-house or on the cloud, each of which has benefits. A good cloud storage system can make retrieving and printing documents secure, organized, and simple for all users. Coupled with wireless printing applications, this kind of system can put the information you need at your fingertips — anytime you need it.

Finally, there are industry-specific apps to make the most document-heavy workplaces — education, healthcare, and legal to name a few — run more smoothly and efficiently.

For sales forces, there are apps that will increase lead generation, increase and streamline communication, and make excellent conversion ratios par for the course of your business.

Kelley Imaging — Your IT Solutions/Document Management Experts in Great Falls, Montana

If you’re a business in Great Falls, Montana that is ready to move toward the future of information-sharing — the digital, paperless way — Kelley Imaging has the right team of experts standing by to assist.

Our knowledgeable staff can help your business configure the perfect combination of storage, print access capabilities, applications and document management services to help take your productivity and revenue to the next level.

If you need the flexibility, security, and productivity that paperless printing can offer, talk to a Kelley Imaging consultant today and find out how easy it is to get started.

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