Key Features of Xerox's Newest Production and High-Volume Printers

Key Features of Xerox's Newest Production and High-Volume Printers

Xerox's latest product launch deeply respects its 110-year history of innovation.

The company's 2017 launch of 29 new printers and multifunction devices is the largest release in the company's history. Each individual product contains new features, innovative finishing options, and a broad range of productivity boosting specifications that serve to support the bottom lines of the company's clients.

From the company's VersaLink printer line – plug-and-play network-compatible devices for small workgroups – to its respected line of production and high-volume printers, new features are making operators' lives easier across the board.

For production printers like the Xerox Versant 3100, key features include both hardware automation and software packages that serve to reduce the amount of time operators spend on challenging tasks like color calibration and personalization.

These features will help large-scale businesses turn their printers into value-added document-processing production centers. Learn more about these features and learn about the many benefits of incorporating them into your document workflow.

Xerox Workflow Software

Intelligent software can help operators make better use of high-volume printers like the Xerox Versant 180 and 3100. These solutions help operators save time while ensuring consistent top-quality results.

1. FreeFlow Variable Information Suite

Marketing campaigns often rely on personalization in order to capture customers' attention. It's a tried-and-true strategy that produces results generic brand messaging simply cannot match. But by its very nature, personalization is difficult to scale – how do you personalize printed documents for thousands of individuals?

The answer is simple: Use the FreeFlow Variable Information Suite. This suite contains multiple software solutions that allow for unrestricted personalization on almost every level of the document printing process. Use VI Design Express to create variable text, variable layers, unique barcodes, and more. Use VI Compose to merge data while printing in real-time and eliminate time-consuming pre-composition.

2. ORIS Press Matcher

Depending on your specific industry, you may find yourself in need of a solution for matching color industry standards. If your customers and partners expect documents colors to reflect FOGRA or Pantone standards, you must comply or risk losing business.

ORIS Press Matcher makes this process simple. It provides industry-standard color management services for the entire enterprise. This means that short print runs can have the same color quality as sheet-fed runs, independent of the platform used to create the documents in the first place. This software is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS computers, and supports all major file formats.

3. FreeFlow Digital Publisher

If you need to communicate using both print and digital resources simultaneously, digital publishing software can help you save valuable time. Without this important software, you would have to set up separate, independent workflows for publishing materials in print and online.

With FreeFlow Digital Publisher, however, you can automatically prepare and route optimized files to your Xerox production printer and distribute digitally optimized versions online at the same time. You can also set this software up to accept input PDFs from customers and set up pre-flight routines for those files before digital and print delivery.

Xerox High-Volume Printer Optional Hardware Features

Alongside powerful software, Xerox's high-volume printers come with powerful hardware features that make industry-leading quality more accessible than ever before.

You can choose from a selection of high capacity feeding options to create the most intuitive workflow possible for print process operators, and select from a range of optional finishers to create complete documents of the highest quality.

Dual advanced oversized high-capacity two-tray feeders let operators incorporate thousands of extra pages into print runs. This can upgrade the input capacity of a Xerox Versant 3100 from 1,650 pages to more than 4,000, turning it into a powerful and nearly autonomous document creation device.

To increase autonomy even further, consider the Plockmatic Pro 50 Booklet Maker. This optional finisher enables enterprises to produce saddle-stitched books of up to 200 pages. It supports a range of paper sizes and contains an optional module for rotation, bleed trim, and creasing without operator intervention.

It uses a heavy-duty staple mechanism to securely fasten pages together and allows for adjustable staple positions directly from the user interface. You can also bundle it with a trim waste conveyor that automatically handles waste, allowing for long unattended print runs without the risk of paper jams.

Simple, powerful booklet creation is just one of the many options that Xerox production printers allow for. Similar options exist for paper decurling, stacking, punching, and trimming. A custom-outfitted Xerox high-volume printer can easily produce results outside the capabilities of competing printers.

Are you ready to boost your document workflows with high-powered enterprise machines? Talk to one of our specialists today to find out how.

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