Leverage the Power of Intelligent Cloud Video Security with Rhombus

Leverage the Power of Intelligent Cloud Video Security with Rhombus

If you don’t have a security system in place for your business, now is the perfect time to add one. According to a study from Insureon, a Chicago-based insurance company, nearly 9% of small businesses experienced burglaries in 2016.

And that number is on the rise.

What’s more, even companies that are insured can find themselves losing nearly $8,000 in out-of-pocket costs for an incident surrounding theft or burglary. For a small business, that’s a heavy price to pay.

Other incidents outlined in the Insureon survey that took a heavy toll on small businesses included customer slip-and-falls and employee injuries.

What do these situations have in common? They could be mitigated — or avoided — with the use of a visible, difficult-to-dismantle security system.

Solving the Security Equation with Rhombus

Rhombus, an AI-powered video security system with facial recognition abilities, has set out to address pain points that surround theft and injury incidents affecting small businesses.

In short, this next-generation enterprise security solution provides 24/7 monitoring and remote access from any device and up to 90 days of video storage that’s also backed up in the Cloud, while using nearly zero bandwidth from your Wi-Fi or LAN.

Rather than using old-style video security (DVR/NVR) with its system of cables and wires that can be easily dismantled during a burglary, the Rhombus system features a simplified architecture that collects HD video footage and streams it wirelessly to the cloud where you can view it from any device.

Facial recognition technology lets you track individuals throughout your location and locate all instances of that person’s entry to your property — perfect for documenting injuries and identifying cases of theft.

Rhombus — Cloud Security at Its Best

Rhombus’ AI-powered cloud-based video surveillance provides intelligent function without the need for servers, hard drives or DVR/NVRs. Also, the system features:

Unparalleled Camera Configuration

You can have unlimited cameras with this system and manage them all from one console. Cameras feature 20-40 days of local storage plus optional cloud archiving and one-cable installation with optional Wi-Fi adapter if you want to go wireless.

The cloud option means that criminals have no way to destroy evidence the cameras have collected during an incident — a boon for businesses and law enforcement officials alike.

Enterprise-Friendly Features

Rhombus’ business-friendly features include role-based access and configurable permissions, single sign-on via SAML, and API access with app integrations for easy access.

These features allow you to control who has access to your system and grant and deny permissions on an as-needed basis.

AI and Computer Vision

State-of-the-art technology features facial, vehicle, and object recognition for high-level identification, foot traffic pattern recognition and unique people counting, and unusual behavior and fall detection to help manage incidents as they occur.

Secure Design

To prevent system breaches, Rhombus is designed with end-to-end encryption via SSL, TLS c1.2 and AES-256. It generates audit logs for all events and comes with systematic and automatic firmware and security updates.

Storing video footage on the Cloud ensures permanent image capture for the identification of perpetrators.

Intelligent Alerts

To keep you constantly informed of incidents, Rhombus offers the ability to create custom alerts for people, vehicles, and more. These alerts are configurable for your entire organization, and you can choose how to receive them — by browser, mobile device, Slack, and others.

Security is effortless when you can register all cameras easily and access them from any device. A simple swipe on your smartphone can give you access to real-time video feeds or the ability to review footage.

And, multiple locations can be monitored at the same time with the video wall function, expanding your security team’s ability to stay on top of the activity.

Kelley Imaging — Your IT Experts in Seattle, Washington

If you’re a business in Seattle, Washington that wants to employ state-of-the-art security to manage theft, prevent break-ins, and mitigate slip-and-fall and other injury claims, you should consider the Rhombus system.

With its innovative, Cloud-based security features and unlimited camera options, the Rhombus system can help protect your business inside — and out.

If you need the kind of security only experts in the industry can offer, talk to a Kelley Imaging consultant today about the Rhombus system secure your business.

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