Mailing Solutions: Address Management & Tracking Software

Mailing Solutions: Address Management & Tracking Software

The small business owner or manager regularly wears several hats at once. And, switching from sales manager to mailroom supervisor is often difficult and interrupts the natural flow of your business day.

Not being able to immerse yourself properly in mailroom tasks has another, more critical, side effect — that of lost time, lost cash flow, and even lost customers.

That’s why it’s critical to select automated task managers like address management and tracking software to handle the tedious — yet important — details of mailroom operations.

Why Address Management and Tracking Software Are Mailing Solutions You Can’t Ignore

You need to get your customer’s address right every time — and not just so your piece of mail gets delivered properly. Address quality directly impacts your customer’s satisfaction levels and small, seemingly insignificant errors can directly impact your business’ reputation.

Additionally, postal rules — and customer expectations — are constantly changing and businesses that are handling higher quantities of data need to improve their processing efficiency as well as differentiate themselves in a crowded landscape.

Fortunately, Pitney Bowes has developed address management and tracking software that can improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs by reducing undeliverable mail, maximizing postage discounts, and helping you stay connected with your customers.

Currently, there are three outstanding mail solutions in the Pitney Bowes product family:

The ConnectRightMailer

The ConnectRight™ Mailer makes sure your mail gets delivered correctly, helping to simplify the task of direct or mass mailings for the small business mailroom.

With ConnectRight™, Pitney Bowes delivers an intuitive user experience that simplifies the preparation of critical USPS reports and helps you get the most cost-effective postage for your mailings.


Don’t lose touch with customers or pay for undeliverable mail just because the recipient changed addresses.

Pitney Bowes’ VeriMove™ system is able to interface seamlessly with the USPS National Change of Address (NCOA) database, which provides 18 or 48 months of information regarding moves and address changes. This interface means you can update customer data easily before printing and sending mail.

With its intuitive graphical user interface, VeriMove™ works easily with Windows, Unix, and even IBM Mainframe environments for enhanced versatility.

Additionally, the CASS Certified™ software solution that is standard with VeriMove™ provides address standardization, correction, for accurate matches within the process.

Additional benefits of the VeriMove™ system include:

  • Additional security and privacy protection by processing mail in-house
  • Reduced costs due to move forwarding and returned mail
  • Increased productivity and efficiency throughout your mail operations
  • Increased customer retention and satisfaction
  • Uninterrupted cash flow

Using VeriMove™ software to keep up-to-date with customer addresses makes good sense for the business looking to minimize disruption and maximize cost savings.

Mail Tracking with EngageOne® Inform and TrackMyMail™

EngageOne® mail tracking allows your business to see when your message has reached your audience to increase the performance of your mail campaign and your advertising response rates.

It does this by optimizing delivery through the management of intelligent mail barcodes to link mailpieces with processes across your organization. Not only does this streamline your marketing, customer service, and billing operations, but it results in the maximization of the automation discounts offered by USPS™.

On the other hand, TrackMyMail™ turns your computer into a web-based suite of tracking services that allows you to track deliverability 24/7 for outstanding performance.

This level of tracking means you can easily meet USPS™ move update requirements to keep your address list clean and manageable, get a handle on inbound payments responses to calculate cash flow contingencies, and monitor the overall performance of your mailstream in real time.

Trust Kelley Imaging to Procure the Best Solution for Your Business

One size does not fit all when it comes to mailing solutions for the small or medium-sized business. With so many effective and easy-to-use products from an industry leader like Pitney Bowes, it might seem a little overwhelming to find the right fit.

That’s where the data experts at Kelley Imaging can help. With years of experience providing streamlined solutions across all aspects of business, Kelley Imaging can help you find a single solution that can incorporate your business strategy and is scaled appropriately for your particular business.

With our comprehensive knowledge in print and distribution solutions encompassing both hardware and software, we are uniquely qualified to help take your mail operations to the next level.

Ready to optimize your mailroom operations for better customer satisfaction and improved cash flow? Talk to a Kelley Imaging expert now and learn how Pitney Bowes’ cutting-edge solutions can positively impact your business.

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