Managed Print Services with Wide Format for Seattle Art Schools

Managed Print Services with Wide Format for Seattle Art Schools

Running a successful institution takes a lot, including the endless supply of student information that will have to be documented, secured, and stored. This remains true for art schools as well, with even more demand to keep track of student's projects, not just information.

When it comes to the student's projects, some will need to print them off like in photography or digital art.

Seattle Art Schools Printing Needs

The Seattle area is home to many art schools belonging to respected universities like the University of Washington and the Cornish School for the Arts. The art programs at these schools require the use of wide-format printers to teach art effectively, especially in the design programs.

Seattle art schools have a unique set of needs that can be best served by using the right technology offered through Pacific NW leaders like Kelley Imaging. One of the areas that schools lag behind in the most is technology. That’s why it’s so important for art schools in the Seattle area to seek out the technology they need to keep up.

Kelley Imaging, however, doesn’t just provide schools with the tech they need to keep up, they can help them get ahead. Schools across the country are struggling to increase enrollment. 

Challenges Art Schools Have with Printing Needs

Seattle art schools have the same common challenges as normal educational institutions like:

  • Keeping up with improving technology - schools have to adjust to the constant changes in technology to better help their students get the information they need, or how to use the newer technology.
  • Growing enrollment - enrollment changes every semester or year depending on graduation, transfer, and drop-out rates.
  • Reduced budgets - most institutions have fixed budgets and can only afford so many things for their students and teachers/professors. They have to decide which departments get how much for their needs each year.
  • Securing Student Data - institutes have to protect personal data of their students, staff, and other personnel. Without doing so, they can face lawsuits, and they can become very costly.
  • Going from hard copies to digital - one very proactive approach to keeping information and other documents safe and in neat order is to switch to digital. However, switching can become difficult if an institution has been keeping their hard copies for many years.
  • Outdated workflow and equipment - keeping up to date with how things are done, and what they are done with is critical for institutions that are in need of updated technology. Also, ways of doing things in the past, may not work with current problems. Working with outdated equipment can slow things down, especially for college students.

Art schools have their own challenges, along with the listed above, like trying to serve students while keeping the budget in check. Due to the struggle to gain access to sophisticated learning technology under the tight constraints of limited funding, schools need a partner who can give them the best deal.

Firms like Kelley Imaging understand the needs of local schools and universities. Art schools are an important part of the community and help build bright creative minds that will contribute to the Pacific NW and beyond. Kelley Imaging takes its role in helping local art schools procure the technology they need seriously.

Benefits of Kelley Imaging Handling Printing Needs

Kelley Imaging can help art schools with their printing needs, no matter the size or format. They will even take care of the pickup and delivery. All an institution will need to do is provide the graphic they want, tell Kelley Imaging what they want the finished product to look like, and they handle it all for you, that simple.

Their print services include, but are not limited to:

  • Digital Document Services
  • Small Format Copying and Printing
  • Large Format Color Graphics Printing
  • Labels and Stickers
  • Laminating, Mounting, and Finishing Services
  • Vinyl Signs and Banners
  • Pickup and Delivery

Art schools in Seattle can benefit from Kelley Imaging, by letting them do the hard work for students and their projects.

Kelley Imaging, Your Art School Printing Service Experts in Seattle, Washington

Art schools in the Pacific NW are in a unique position to benefit from trusted local leaders like Kelley Imaging. Schools like the University of Washington and others across the Pacific NW can enjoy the finest in wide format printing at a cost they can afford.

For art schools looking for the sweet spot between quality and cost savings, Kelley Imaging is the right choice.

Reach out today for the best wide format printing in Washington state from Kelley Imaging.

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