Secure Solutions from HP for Seattle Healthcare Institutions

Secure Solutions from HP for Seattle Healthcare Institutions

HP isn’t just for at home computers anymore. They provide hospitals with the resources to serve over 1 billion patients every year. Some of their products, like EMI, certified PCs and printers, and cleanable PCs and displays make things safer when using these in patient's rooms.

Using smarter HP products that have simple logins and authentication, like the HP Healthcare Edition PCs, help the workflow and prevent HIPAA violations or other breaches. These special edition PCs come with safety displays, MFDs, and collaboration tools.

Healthcare Quality in the State of Washington

Finding the best healthcare quality can be tricky, but there isn't any need to worry with Washington State ranking among the top in the nation. Not only do they rank in the top in quality, but they also rank in the top for access. Their official ranking is seventh in the whole nation, based off of more than 40 different measures of access, quality, efficiency, outcomes, and income-based disparities.

Washington state ranks third in avoidable hospital use and cost and strives to ensure both adults and children have access to health insurance.

Challenges Healthcare Systems Face in Seattle

Most hospitals have their own day to day challenges, but some become long term. In Seattle, some of their challenges include:

  • Nurse staffing - keeping nurses on hand who are willing to put in the hard work and many hours, and who are responsible enough to be in this type of field
  • Ricky's Law - it allows the state's mental health system to involuntarily detain adults and minors who are determined to pose a likelihood of serious harm as a result of a substance use disorder
  • Healthcare coverage
  • Telehealth - the ability to see a healthcare provider virtually, instead of having to go into the office directly
  • Safety Net Funds - ensuring the funds for patients on Medicaid
  • Protecting Rural Health Care - coming up with solutions on how to provide care to the millions in rural areas
  • End of Life and Reproductive Health Policies - Washington state requires these policies to be public
  • Hospital Affiliations
  • Certificate of Need
  • Regulatory Issues - State and federal agencies have their own regulations that must be followed in hospitals

These challenges are incredibly difficult to surmount without help from productivity tools like managed print services. Healthcare facilities also need access to superior technology. Such technology can be utilized by partnering with Kelley Imaging. They feature Xerox MFP solutions that can make a huge impact on productivity in healthcare offices.

Their managed services and offerings from with giants like Xerox can help healthcare organizations get the help they need.

Benefits and Solutions in Seattle Healthcare Institutions

Using Telehealth will help in quality, to better reach more patients who either live too far away to come in or are unable. With the help of HP, this will become more available to people not only in Seattle but the entire state of Washington.

With the new HP Healthcare Edition PCs, laptops, and all-in-one devices, they can help fix some of the issues that have risen in Washington state and Seattle hospitals.

In the ER department, these special edition devices can be used without contaminating other patients. They are all cleanable with safe displays, keeping information private and surfaces clean.

Many other departments in hospitals, like radiology, the pharmacy, administrative offices, and even operating rooms, can benefit from these in the same ways, including printers in offices, and accessing medical charts all over the hospital.

Using Kelley Imaging in Healthcare

Kelley Imaging can provide all of hospitals HP safe devices, to ensure the best customer service. One of the problems hospitals has when it comes to being able to get such devices is the budget. With Kelley Imaging, they can work with budgets to get their customers the best products at the best prices, without having to exchange in the MRI machine.

Kelley Imaging, Your Healthcare Printing Solution Experts in Seattle, Washington

Healthcare organizations in the Pacific NW should seek out Kelly Imaging, the smart choice for healthcare organizations. Their managed print and network services can make a huge difference in the efficiency and productivity of healthcare organizations. These services are so valuable that no healthcare facility should be without them. Washington state hospitals can grow strong with Kelley Imaging. Experience the Kelley difference today!

Have a chat with Kelley Imaging and start enjoying the best in healthcare technology for Washington state hospitals.

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