Toshiba e-STUDIO MFPs - Powerful and Environmentally Responsible Copiers for Seattle Businesses

Toshiba e-STUDIO MFPs - Powerful and Environmentally Responsible Copiers for Seattle Businesses

Businesses today need something to help them overcome the competition. The global market is fierce, and Washington firms are scrambling for anything that will give them an edge. Here’s what the Toshiba e-Studio MFPs can do for businesses to help soar past the competition. These award-winning MFPs are eco-smart and known for advanced security features as well as the convenience of the one-touch interface. Make printing, faxing, and copying a breeze with the Toshiba e-Studio MFP series. 

The Benefits of Using MFPs in the Office

Offices today can’t afford to lag behind, and that means using multifunction printers. It’s simply not efficient to use clunky separate devices anymore. MFPs are the way of the future and firms that go without them suffer from lower levels of productivity and are stunted by inefficiency.

Multifunction printers are superiors by their very nature. By doing more with one machine, firms can save valuable office space. They can also save a great deal of money as it is less expensive and less complicated to service one machine as opposed to several. The benefits stack up indisputably in favor of multifunction printers, however, effective as they may be, not all MFPs are made equal. Here’s why firms Seattle businesses should opt for the power of Toshiba’s e-studio multifunction printers.

Toshiba e-STUDIO MFPs, the Future of Office Productivity

When it comes to multifunction printers there are some that clearly stands above the rest. For environmentally conscious businesses in Seattle, the Toshiba e-STUDIO MFP is the way to go hands down. Let’s meet some of the e-studio models and learn about their specialties.

The Toshiba e-STUDIO389CS can yield 50-60 pages per minute, is powered by a quad-processor, and has a paper capacity of 2,300 sheets. That makes this model perfect for mid-sized offices.

For firms looking to get the most out of a compact MFP, the e-STUDIO2515ac is a perfect choice. The model features a tablet-like touchscreen and mobile printing. The power of this model is impressive given the more compact design.

Also featuring a touchscreen display and compact design is the e-STUDIO478S, a specialty monochrome printer that’s well suited for firms who typically don’t use color ink.

These machines can do everything a multifunction printer can do, except they do it better. Here’s a breakdown of its capabilities. 

Copy Machine

Like all multifunction printers, the Toshiba e-STUDIO doubles as a copy machine, however unlike other MFPs, it has some key advantages that make it a cut above the rest. Toshiba copiers are extremely efficient, making them an excellent choice for businesses who have intensive use of copy machines. Using Toshiba copiers are one of the best ways to make the copy room more productive.


Toshiba e-STUDIO MFPs have models that can handle all manner of printing needs in terms of format including wide format printers. These printers are arguably more powerful and sophisticated than almost any other models on the market, making them a key asset for Seattle businesses looking to stay ahead to acquire.


No multifunction printer would be complete without a proper scanner, which the Toshiba e-STUDIO has in spades. The full and robust range of functions is part of what makes Toshiba MFPs such a valuable tool for businesses.


Fax is yet another essential feature of MFPs and Toshiba has mastered this function as well. Faxing with the e-STUDIO is both easy and effective.

Environmental Sustainability with Toshiba MFPs

By using the Toshiba e-STUDIO MFP, firms can also take advantage of some truly golden opportunities to go green. Being environmentally sustainable has become a chief concern among many firms, especially those operating in the Seattle area.

Toshiba offers programs that can facilitate sustainable printing. They offer e-waste recycling programs that can make a huge difference in achieving sustainable printing. Toshiba has recycled 229 metric tons of e-waste from toner products over the course of 2018, making them a leader in sustainability.

Additionally, Toshiba equipment is more energy efficient than some competing brands, making it easy to exercise sustainable printing practices.

The Benefits of Toshiba MFPs for Seattle Businesses

The benefits of Toshiba MFPs for Seattle businesses are prolific. Some of the most significant are those of an increase in productivity, sustainability, and cost savings. These three advantages can have a substantial impact on a firm’s bottom line.

Managers looking to purchase Toshiba MFPs for their offices need to partner with a reliable vendor. Kelley Imaging is the premier choice for firms based in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

Secure Communication with Dropbox and Google Drive

Toshiba products like the e-STUDIO MFP also encourage firms to take advantage of secure communication options like Dropbox and Google Drive. Tools like Google Drive feature strong encryption on many of their features, making it a safe choice for businesses.

Kelly Imaging, Your Toshiba MFP Provider and Printing Experts in Seattle, Washington

Kelley Imaging is a trusted supplier of Toshiba products like the e-STUDIO MFP and can help firms get the best deals on the equipment. They can also help businesses get the best performance out of these machines with managed print services. Seattle businesses can’t go wrong with Kelley Imaging. Start enjoying the benefits of the Kelley difference today!

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