Secure Workflow Automation Using Xerox ConnectKey to Improve Seattle Businesses

Secure Workflow Automation Using Xerox ConnectKey to Improve Seattle Businesses

With competition in business is fierce across the globe, anything that can give firms a competitive edge is a valuable asset. Today, that asset is Xerox ConnectKey.

Overview of Xerox ConnectKey

Xerox ConnectKey is a remarkable platform that makes it possible to automate essential workflow tasks and also improves productivity by making several key improvements. Here’s what firms should know about Xerox ConnectKey and why they need to have it to stay competitive in today’s market.

Create and Manage Electronic Documents with Ease

Xerox ConnectKey makes it easy to create and manage electronic documents. By using the platform, the process is greatly simplified so that with minimal training, everybody in the office can use it. One of the most important things to remember about creating electronic documents with ConnectKey MFPs is that it is more efficient than the alternatives such as doing all the work through traditional programs.

Xerox ConnectKey has been implemented in a great number of innovative ways that have been revolutionizing electronic document creation. For example, hospitals have been using ConnectKey to develop an EMR system that has been improving patient care.

The mid-sized hospital tackled the challenges of converting the mountains of physical documents like patient medical history into electronic documents. Not only do these documents have to be converted, but they also have to be organized in a manner that can easily be organized, not to mention addressing security and compliance concerns.

Healthcare professionals can use Xerox ConnectKey to easily update patient medical records with a few taps of the finger. The convenience is palpable as it is far easier, faster, and more effective than traditional methods.

Personnel can access Xerox ConnectKey multifunction printers with special ID cards that make security easy to implement.

Enhance Printing Efficiency and Security

MFPs are powerful devices, and the Xerox ConnectKey can make it possible to do more with less. Professionals on the go need flexible print solutions. Being thousands of miles away from the office and needing to print an essential document to close a deal puts the pressure on.

With Xerox ConnectKey however, users can print what they need, when they need it, no matter where they are. ConnectKey technology also makes sure that documents being printed afar will be just as secure as they would be if they were printed in the office.

Use Apps for Essential Tasks

With ConnectKey, users can facilitate apps that can simplify tasks that would ordinarily take hours of completion.

Why Automation Is Beneficial and Why It Needs to Be Secure

Automation is essential in business today. Not only in commercial applications, however, but also in other document-intensive fields such as healthcare. However, these benefits come with the price of making sure that security is still assured. Automation makes many things possible, but firms still need to exercise sound security practices.

Benefits and Solutions

The benefits of automation are legion, ranging from increasing efficiency, productivity, as well as saving both time and money. These benefits are something that no firm should be without, and Xerox ConnectKey technology is one of the easiest ways to take advantage of automation to improve workflow.

Xerox ConnectKey and Multifunction Printers Are Perfect for Workgroups of All Sizes

Small to Medium Workgroups

Small businesses with less populous workforces still need workflow enhancements. Automation is essential to small businesses who are often understaffed and struggling to cover all the bases without enough personnel. That means that each person in the organization needs to be able to do more. Automated functions made possible by Xerox ConnectKey on multifunction printers can free up time for overworked personnel to get more done by automating essential tasks.

Medium to Large Workgroups

In larger organizations with more employees, such as bigger firms or hospitals, automation is just as important if not more. Fortunately, the same technology that can help the little guy can help industry giants. ConnectKey’s flexibility in the application makes it an asset in organizations of all sizes.

Kelley Imaging, the Premier Xerox ConnectKey Vendor and Expert in Seattle, Washington

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