Business Can Save Time, Money, and Hassle Auditing Shipping Costs

Business Can Save Time, Money, and Hassle Auditing Shipping Costs

Most businesses spend a lot of time ensuring their customers have a great experience with their brand. This customer-centric experience extends for initial contact, all the way through the sales funnel to the moment you ship them your product from the post office or another carrier — and beyond.

But managing the shipping process can be a cumbersome, time-consuming, and expensive task unless you’re open to automating some part of the process.

Make no mistake, although most large companies automate their shipping as a standard part of doing business, smaller product-oriented companies can still automate some or all of their processes to increase productivity and save money.

How the Innovative Ship Rebate Program Can Help You Manage Shipping Costs

Today’s smart business owners understand the many benefits that automating part — or all — of a process for time and money savings.

The Ship Rebate program provides substantial value by benchmarking your data and assessing your current shipping spend, without changing any of your in-place processes. Our low-cost routing and automated tools work together to deliver the appropriate refunds to your United States Post Office, FedEx, DHL, and UPS shipping accounts, without requiring the intervention of your staff.

This small but useful tweak is designed to improve your operational efficiency by automatically uncovering the best rebates and discounts and freeing up your staff to work on other, more critical tasks.

Ship Rebate deploys proprietary software developed after years in the shipment auditing industry. A comprehensive audit is performed on every shipment, assessing each charge that is billed to a package to ensure accuracy.

The Benefits of Ship Rebate

The Ship Rebate program brings the convenience of automation to businesses of all sizes — without requiring a change in procedures or protocols. Other benefits realized through this program include:

Shipment Audit and Recovery

Any disputes, including claims for lost and damaged packages, are discovered by our software are handled automatically and processed along with the critical information required to return the refund to your business promptly.

The resulting refunds are posted to your shipping accounts and applied to ship invoices in the form of credits. These critical dollars are delivered back to your business weekly — no more waiting weeks for fund replenishment.

Importantly, 100% of the refunds and savings available in your shipping account are secured for extra peace of mind.

More Savings

Ship Rebate software is creative to comprehensively audit carrier invoices and recovers savings from billing inaccuracies, securing the highest possible discounts and incentives. You can save anywhere from 10-30% on shipping expenses through Ship Rebate.

Faster Refunds

Our proprietary software is the competitive advantage of Ship Rebate. When you use this cutting-edge technology, each shipment is audited, and any necessary refund claims filed within seconds.

This quick turnaround rate helps drive performance and capture all the refunds available within a shipping account in a timely manner. This way, you can keep more of your money on hand to use as business-expanding capital or to earn interest.

Better Terms

Ship Rebate only splits refund credits that were secured by Ship Rebate, not the total of refund credits on your UPS and FedEx statement, resulting in lower service fees compared to other service providers. And, there are no upfront or ongoing costs to worry about, so you can keep more of your capital in play.

Kelley Imaging — Your Mailing Experts in Seattle, Washington

If you’re a business in Seattle, Washington that routinely ships products, you owe it to your bottom line to learn more about this revolutionary, easy-to-implement new service.

Ship Rebate is designed to simplify the refund and discount process and uncover the absolute most favorable rates for the way you do business. Implementation is worry-free, with no tweaking or adjusting necessary on your part.

Best of all, your company can save up to 30% on shipping costs and have the luxury of refunds and rebates credited directly to your account every week — with no upfront or on-going fees.

If you’re ready to explore the many benefits of improving your shipping efficiency through participation in Ship Rebate, talk to a Kelley Imaging consultant today about an exclusive Ship Rebate free 30-day trial.

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