The Advantages of MPS for Government Agencies in Oregon

The Advantages of MPS for Government Agencies in Oregon

Printer and copier capabilities have skyrocketed over recent decades as technology has improved. Large enterprises like governments can make use of the new capacity of these machines to increase agency efficiency and reduce costs, as well as provide myriad productivity-boosting benefits.

Government agencies and municipalities cultivate a strong focus on reducing print-related spending so they can redirect funds to meet constituency needs. Unfortunately, many of these entities manage print activities in a hit-or-miss fashion, with various departments in charge of maintaining, ordering and providing security.

Typically, IT departments handle office technology purchases and support and procurement departments handle document management. Managing these various workflows for a busy agency can take up a lot of staff time, and involve duplicate spending where multiple departments are involved.

That’s where managed print services (MPS) for government agencies can help streamline workflow, optimize document output and security, and reduce costs.

MPS for Government Agencies — What You Need to Know

Government agencies can take a page from bottom-line oriented companies in the private sector that outsource their print management needs. Employing an MPS company that specializes in fine-tuning print and document operations to fit the specific needs of the organizations they serve is a smart move.

Using a single point of contact for all your print and document needs not only saves time and money but eases intra-department coordination stresses.

All of this can contribute to an increase in productivity and profitability across departments and result in enormous benefits, the most critical of which are cost, flexibility, and security.


Agencies stand to save up to 30% of government printing costs when using MPS.

Companies that provide managed print services to government agencies use sophisticated analytics to establish the proper number of printers to serve each department. Adequate sizing of an office fleet helps organizations save money on maintenance, paper, and supplies.

It also ensures employees have equipment that fully meets their needs—even if those needs change over time—to enhance productivity and reduce stress.

The right MPS company will also ensure agencies have the least-costly machines in terms of maintenance and energy use by replacing older devices with newer, more efficient models regularly.


Managed print harnesses improved technology that provides for efficiency and flexibility in a government workflow. Machines can be added and removed as staff size—and budgets—fluctuate.

In addition to keeping printer fleets properly sized, using MPS services means no work orders to your internal IT department for printer errors, copier malfunctions, or software glitches—freeing them up to work on more critical tasks.

Having a single technology partner that is laser-focused on providing the software, hardware, and support that agencies need to work productively allows them to be more adaptable and responsive.


The Government Accountability Office (GAO) reports that cyberattacks among federal agencies rose from 5,503 to 35,277 from 2006 to 2017. Attacks are on the rise among state and local governments as well.

Using an MPS provider helps minimize opportunities for hackers to introduce malware into unsecured copiers and printers by installing the latest equipment with built-in security—and keeping it up to date.

Many government entities are bound by compliance regulations on a state, federal, or even local level. Keeping data secure and private by installing the most reliable printers and copiers can help keep compliance in line with the law.

Kelley Imaging – Your MPS Experts in Portland, Oregon

Kelley Imaging has been providing MPS services to government organizations in the Portland, Oregon area for decades, so they have a focused understanding of how to best serve the print and document needs of these agencies.

Our experts can help you maximize your agency’s workflow using comprehensive analytics and expert knowledge. We’ll guide you through the available options and keep your system secure and updated while minimizing breaks in service.

If you’re ready to learn more about how MPS can reduce your agency’s workload, improve productivity, and enhance security, get in touch with one of our Kelley Imaging consultants today

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