The Incredible Value of Accurate Color Printing

The Incredible Value of Accurate Color Printing

Color is a powerful vehicle you can use to position your brand, make documents and plans easily understandable, and draw attention to critical features and essential points in presentations, designs, and in-store signage.

By harnessing the power of accurate color printing, you can position your company to save money and realize a positive impact on your bottom line. Let’s take a look at some of the ways color can impact the way you do business — no matter what industry you’re a part of.

How Color Printing Impacts the Position of Your Brand

Color is of primary importance when positioning your brand — any brand — for success. Up to 93% of consumers say they look to color and visual appearance when selecting a brand to patronize.

Choosing the right colors for your brand and repeating them in in-store signage, banners, floor graphics, and even gift-wrapping can help turn random shoppers into buyers, and then lifelong fans. And choosing the precise color — from shade and intensity to tone is critical.

Colors are masters of symbolism. Just a dab of color can convey a variety of meanings, so it’s best to choose brand colors with an eye toward the feelings and attitudes you’d like people to associate with your brand.

Color meanings change among cultures, geographical locations, and even types of shoppers. The following quick primer of color meanings for North America include:

  • Red — energy, passion, danger
  • Orange — creativity, youth, enthusiasm
  • Yellow — spontaneity, happiness, hope
  • Green — nature, harmony, growth, wealth, stability
  • Blue — calm, intelligence, trust
  • Purple — spirituality, mystery, luxury
  • Pink — romance, femininity, playfulness
  • Brown — wholesomeness, honesty, warmth
  • Black — sophistication, elegance, power
  • White — purity, minimalism, innocence

Once you choose the colors that most accurately project your brand’s image, you’ll want a high-quality, accurate color printer to ensure that your branding stays consistent across all materials.

Accurate colors across both digital and print marketing materials make your brand visually familiar — and instantly recognizable — to your target audience, allowing them to find you even in a crowded marketplace.

Why Accurate Color Printing Matters in Construction

Wide-format printers, with their ability to give construction firms, builders, and architects the kind of precise detail necessary for quality planning documents, are a boon to the construction industry. They have been used for decades to print high-quality black-and-white plan sets for use on-site and in-house.

However, adding color to these standard documents is a powerful way to increase collaboration and communication and keep money-wasting human error to a minimum.

A 2018 survey conducted by PlanGrid, the leading producer of construction productivity software, demonstrated that factors such as inaccurate or inaccessible information combined with miscommunication cost the U.S. construction industry over $31 billion.

Some of these factors are easily overcome with the use of accurate color printing, especially since most digitally designed projects are created in color.

The more complex the set of plans, the more colors are necessary to contribute meaning and value to the drawing. For example, water pipes can be coded blue and electrical components red to allow better understanding.

Using color printing for construction documents can:

  • Provide a better understanding of complex files
  • Reduce human error when interpreting drawings
  • Avoid manual stamp work for Certified/Stamped plots
  • Allow the copying of corrected mark-up files

While color printing can slightly increase up-front costs, a white paper published by Lyra Research showed that for every dollar spent on color printing, construction costs were reduced by $4 — a significant saving.

Kelley Imaging — Your Color Print Experts in Seattle, Washington

If you’re a business in Seattle, Washington that wants to employ the power of color to develop strong branding materials or you want to increase revenue and decrease waste by using wide-format color printing for plan sets, Kelley has you covered.

Our high-quality printers can produce accurate color printing projects with the ability to perfectly match tones, shades, brightness, and hue for eye-catching graphics and easily understood planning documents.

If you’re ready to discover how accurate color printing can revolutionize your business, talk to a Kelley Imaging consultant today about our wide variety of print materials and options.

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