What are the latest managed print innovations that will blow your mind?

What are the latest managed print innovations that will blow your mind?

When we discuss managed print services (MPS) we’re referring to the management of printing devices to increase efficiency and integrate every related business process. MPS can relieve businesses of many of the hassles associated with printing hardware and supplies while also reducing waste and costs. In recent years, several managed print innovations have occurred that streamline operations for most industries, but there are three new technologies that are sure to impress.

With the latest managed print innovations, it’s possible for organizations to enjoy the increased security of all their print operations. The most recent technologies can be incorporated into your entire printing fleet at little to no extra cost. And sustainability becomes a boom to your budget, image, and environment.

Next-Generation Cyber Security with Managed Print Innovations

In Q1 2017, a hacker was able to compromise nearly 160,000 printing devices around the world. By accessing a network-connected printer that wasn’t using a firewall, the attacker had the ability to make the printer print anything under the sun.

Fortunately, in this instance, the attacker just printed out some humorous flyers, telling office staff they had been “pwned” (video game slang for utterly defeated). But if this hacker had more nefarious intentions, they could have wreaked havoc across the business world.

Imagine if your printers were to start spontaneously printing materials that aren’t safe for work without you knowing what had happened. Even if you managed to disconnect your printers as soon as you caught wind of the attack, it’s safe to assume a public relations nightmare would be headed your way. People might not believe you when you say, “no, it wasn’t us, really, it was a hacker that printed those messages”.

With managed print solutions on your side, this will never happen. Your security measures will have redundant features to make them more secure. Device security is reinforced by access-point security at the network level. On top of those two layers, document security can lock down the contents of your printing jobs. And with end-of-life security, your old machines will never provide a third-party with confidential information.

Seamless Integration of the Newest Technologies in Managed Print Innovations

Modern multifunction printers allow companies tremendous flexibility, ease-of-use, and efficiency. This comes in the form of mobile printing apps, tools for using digital and physical print together, one-touch printing and scanning to and from the cloud, and more. However, in order to use features like these, you have to have the right equipment. If even one of your printers is outdated and therefore not compatible with the most cutting-edge technologies, you will be stuck in the stone age.

Using managed print solutions allows you to solve this problem while also cutting costs. You can upgrade all of your devices while also reducing the total size of your printing fleet. It’s not uncommon for companies to reduce the number of printers in their fleet by 50% or more while upgrading to the latest tech.

Sustainable Managed Print Innovations

Sustainability is the new standard in today’s corporate environment. Not only is there a growing public conscience about our collective impact on the environment but having anything less than sustainable business practices can tarnish the image of an organization. Fortunately, sustainability and MPS go hand-in-hand. 

Managed print services reduce costs, waste, and power consumption. By being able to use fewer devices, a company’s overall electricity use declines. In addition, detailed tracking reports on all environmentally-impactful activities can be compiled and acted on. MPS enables you to cut costs and reduce waste via print control software like PaperCut.  

Keeping track of all consumables being used guarantees maximum efficiency, meaning less waste. And the increased ease with which MPS can recycle and remanufacture printer ink cartridges further reduces your impact on the environment. It’s even possible to crack your paper waste and CO2 emissions. Simply being conscious of this information and making every effort to improve show that your organization is responsible and cares about the environment it conducts business in.  

Cutting-Edge Secure and Sustainable Managed Print Innovations

All in all, the three managed print innovations of increased sustainability, integration of cutting-edge technology, and state-of-the-art cyber security add up to a whole that’s even greater than the sum of its parts. With MPS, you cut costs, gain peace of mind, protect your company’s image, and reduce environmental impacts.

At Kelley Imaging, we provide the latest and greatest managed print innovations. Find out more about our managed print solutions right away.

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