Why is a Document Management System Vital for the Medical Profession?

Why is a Document Management System Vital for the Medical Profession?

In most industries, when an entrepreneur introduces a potentially disruptive technology, it doesn’t stay proprietary for long. It did not take long for the financial world to respond to the first banks installing ATMs in their local cities – soon, they were all over the world.

Healthcare is different. There is a clear need for caution when implementing changes of any kind, and strict regulations have evolved to meet that need. As a result, interoperability remains a problem for medical and dental professionals.

Regulations such as HITECH are encouraging growth towards an interoperable landscape by stipulating the need for digital records in healthcare environments. Electronic health records hold the key to effective patient care in today’s data-oriented medical landscape.

But without an effective HITECH-compliant document management system capable of handling records in multiple formats, maintained by different database providers, interoperability cannot happen.

Doctors and dentists need to invest in state-of-the-art healthcare document management software to maintain patient records and open up siloed data.

Document Management for Healthcare Professionals

Any practicing medical professional must be able to demonstrate compliance in response to a potential audit. At the same time, patient care demands that data is accessible and easy to obtain at a moment’s notice.

This means that healthcare data needs to be both accessible and highly secure. This is a problem that only the industry’s most reputable technology providers are qualified to solve.

At Kelley Imaging, we help healthcare companies develop and deploy document management solutions that meet stringent regulatory needs while allowing our customers to utilize a cutting-edge document capture and communication platform.

Key partnerships with technology providers like ABBYY allow us to help our customers assist patients with efficiency. ABBYY technology allows our customers to consolidate patient record-oriented processes:

  • ABBYY document capture technology uses optical character recognition to transform paper documents into editable digital ones. It also correctly distinguishes between multiple document types to ensure that the file in question makes it to the correct folder for processing.
  • Patient Record Integration. ABBYY document capture automates the process of classifying patient data and adding new information to existing records. Optical technology reads the data and interprets it to find the correct patient in the clinic database. It then automatically identifies individual files and deposits them in the patient file, ready for a medical professional to interpret.
  • Billing and Claims Processing. Accurately billing for medical services can be challenging as there is no room for mistakes. ABBYY technology uses artificial intelligence to interpret data and deliver accurate billing and claims processing documents.
  • Automating the creation of accounts receivable and explanations of benefits documentation is a strong point of ABBYY’s sophisticated technology. This document management software supports data validation and qualification, ensuring that patients and accountants work with the right information.
  • Patient Satisfaction. Gauging patient satisfaction is an important part of the healthcare process. Collecting and submitting this data is crucial to determining how successful your clinic is at meeting patient expectations. ABBYY technology lets you automate the process of obtaining surveys and interpreting them to yield insights.

Optical character recognition can streamline many of the most time-consuming healthcare processes. But integration with an enterprise-ready content management platform can amplify its usefulness.

Hyland OnBase Helps Medical Clinics Manage Documents

At Kelley Imaging, we have years of experience deploying comprehensive solutions for document management for healthcare companies. One of our key partnerships in this field is Hyland, whose OnBase software allows healthcare providers like doctors and dentists to digitize and manage documents with ease.

Onbase by Hyland empowers medical professionals to route and manage complex document workflows on a single enterprise information platform. The highly configurable nature of the platform – and its support for electronic health record APIs – makes it a critically important tool for enterprise resource planning in the healthcare environment.

OnBase scales to the needs of the healthcare company it serves. It is equally useful for small medical clinics as it is for dentist’s offices or even large medical institutions. It lets disparate departments and their respective patient record databases share a consolidated communication platform.

Medical Document Management Systems Can Improve Patient Care

For healthcare providers, integration is the key to extending managed IT solutions and improving document workflow. Medical clinics need qualified technical expertise to develop HITECH-compliant solutions for their document management systems.

Whether implementing document management for a dentist’s office or for an entire hospital, Kelley Imaging’s partnerships with reputable technology providers provides a foundation for value that cannot be understated. Document management solutions improve care by enabling medical professionals to act faster and use patient data more confidently.

Your medical or dental clinic could be using state-of-the-art technology to improve document workflow. Talk to a document management specialist to learn more.

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