3 Mailing Solutions That Will Take Your Small Business Mailroom to the Next Level

3 Mailing Solutions That Will Take Your Small Business Mailroom to the Next Level

Today’s growing emphasis on ecommerce has caused a startling shift in demand among consumers, with more people expecting to receive overnight, two-day, or even free shipping from the vendors they patronize.

Fortunately, products from companies like Pitney Bowes mean this level of service needn’t be out of reach for the small- or medium-sized business (SMB). Effective and automated solutions allow you to reduce trips to the post office and save money through financing plans that are easy on your bottom line.

Mailing Solutions for Today’s Small Businesses

Modern small businesses face a much greater demand from consumers when it comes to speed, cost, and even security. That’s why many businesses are turning to state-of-the-art technology from vendors like Pitney Bowes to help automate, streamline, and increase the cost-effectiveness of their mailroom procedures.

Providing several levels of complexity and price across their product lines, Pitney Bowes has a full range of products to put a modern, automated mailroom within the reach of every business.

Here are three ways your small- or medium-sized business can leverage this innovative technology for your mailroom:

Use Folders and Folder Inserters

If your company sends a lot of bulk mail — or processes more than 40 items per day — automating your mailroom procedures with a mail folder and/or folder inserter makes good fiscal sense.

These folders are also called letter stuffers or paper folders and they can give your company’s printed materials the same crisp, clean fold you traditionally see in mailings from the largest, most trusted companies.

Besides quick turnaround and professional looking mail, these inserters can be used to streamline mailroom tasks. For example, you can print 2D barcodes on your documents to be folded and tell the folder which documents to place in each envelope. That means you only have to sort the mail one time, saving on manpower costs.

Additionally, this automated process gives you — and your customers — increased security and privacy protection by ensuring that the correct documents are sent to the proper addresses.

Consider Address/Envelope Printers and Mailing Software for Increased Accuracy

If you want your mail to be consistently opened and read, having a personalized — and accurately printed — envelope can help. Using an automated addressing system in tandem with sharp, clear inkjet technology can help you process thousands of envelopes in just an hour, reducing your manpower needs and speeding up your operation overall.

Plus, address accuracy improves mail deliverability, which can maximize your outreach while minimizing bottom-line impacts.

Alongside the enhanced printing capabilities of these machines, their associated software can provide targeted address lists that can help you take advantage of bulk discounts that are available for pre-sorted mail.

Save Time and Money with Postage Meters

In-house postage meters are a must-have mailing solution for the small business looking to streamline their mailing process while cutting costs.

With a postage meter right in your mailroom, there’s no downtime waiting for postage, as you can refill your meter in seconds, digitally. A touchscreen allows you to compare carrier prices on the fly and track the location of all your letters and packages, while deep discounts on postage (up to 5 cents per stamped unit) and shipping rates (up to 39% lower than retail) are available.

Built-in scales let you weigh packages and estimate shipping precisely, and a carrier-compliant labeling system allows you to print worry-free labels for fast package delivery and tracking.

Saving Money Through Automating Your Mail Processes

Automating your mailroom processes with software and machines from Pitney Bowes allows you to cut down the number of man-hours needed for mailing and shipping tasks, but that’s just the beginning of the savings your company can realize over time.

For example, using automation to keep your mailing list cleansed of bad addresses not only saves material costs, but helps you target your customers more effectively.

Instant access to clean, professional ink-jet printed envelopes in the sizes you need — when you need them — allows you to present your company’s image in a professional way to build trust and encourage repeat business.

In addition, with today’s heightened privacy concerns and security issues, an automated mail system can increase your peace of mind and decrease your liability for data breaches by reducing mailroom errors.

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