4 Key Ways Managed Print Services Create Cost-Effective Printing

4 Key Ways Managed Print Services Create Cost-Effective Printing

Managed print solutions provide answers to common printing problems that arise when companies choose to manage their own print services. Outsourcing all print-related responsibilities to an MPS company comes with a wide range of advantages that lead to more cost-effective printing. 

Managed print solutions take care of many of the problems companies tend to encounter when managing their own printing needs. When using an MPS company, problems can be prevented before they arise, and efficiencies can be tracked, analyzed, and improved.

Managed print services (MPS) can be defined as the management of document-creation devices in a way that optimizes and incorporates all printing-related business processes. This centralized form of printing management is more cost-effective than any other method of printing management.

Cost-Effective Printing With MPS

MPS can create progressively more cost-effective printing in four key ways. MPS can

  • Reduce waste and consumables
  • Reduce IT costs
  • Provide better upgrades and equipment
  • Increase workflow management and security

Having centralized printing means you need fewer consumables and create less waste. IT burdens become reduced with an MPS provider and upgrades are taken care automatically. Finally, workflow and security are improved with MPS. Let’s examine the four key ways managed print services create cost-effective printing.

Less waste and consumables

Almost half of all paperwork that gets created in the average office is never used at all. With managed print services, it’s possible to create dramatic reductions in paper waste. And paper is not the only consumable you will be saving on. Having fewer printers means you will use less electricity to power them and less ink or toner needed as well.

Lower operating and printing costs come about because of centralizing all print services. Rather than having to individually manage multiple printers, MPS frees up time and resources by bringing all printing processes into one centralized hub. This centralization reduces the need for printing supplies by requiring fewer consumables for fewer machines. Maintenance costs will also decrease due to having fewer machines overall. As a result, your employees and your budget both benefit.

IT costs

Outsourcing your maintenance costs to an MPS provider means reduced costs on maintenance as well as reduced demands on your IT department. Your budget and your IT team will thank you for choosing MPS.

When a problem arises, technicians will be sent to deal with the problem right away. Instead of having to focus on the problem and any associated expenditures needed to deal with it. Your MPS provider will handle everything for you. There’s no better way to achieve cost-effective printing than by using managed print solutions. Managed print solutions really do solve an array of problems presented by everyday printing operations.

Better upgrades and equipment

With MPS, your printing costs continue to decrease with time because your equipment will automatically be updated when the time comes. Compare this to having to pay for upgrades yourself while holding onto a depreciating asset for prolonged periods. Rather than having to shell out large amounts of capital when a device needs upgrading or breaks down, subscribing to your MPS provider ensures that they will take care of everything with a high degree of stability and predictability. 

Better workflow management and security

With centralized MPS, documents can be secured through encryption and have access restricted with two-factor user authentication methods. Better security means less potential loss from data leaks (which can tarnish a company’s image on top of giving competitors an unfair advantage).

Centralized managed print services also allow for more efficient workflows by routing documents through one central location. This way, documents that need to be processed in a specific way or need management approval can be routed in the manner necessary to enforce protocols.

Managed Print Services Create Cost-effective Printing

In short, MPS creates more cost-efficient printing in several ways. In the absence of MPS, many of the toughest printing jobs become less efficient and more expensive. Managed print services are the best way to achieve cost-effective printing. When considering all the variables involved, MPS continue to accrue greater and greater savings. The cost-effectiveness of MPS only increases with time.

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