Addressing Print Issues in Law Offices

Addressing Print Issues in Law Offices

Law firms have especially intensive printing needs. The amount of copies that flow through their offices is enormous, as is the amount of effort required to keep up on printing equipment maintenance. Another printing concern particular to law firms is security. Advancements in technology have made it necessary to exercise more security when printing. Here’s what legal offices need to know about their printing needs and how they can benefit from using a managed print service.

Printing Problems and Solutions for Legal Offices, and the Benefits of a Managed Print Service

Printing in law offices can come with a few problem areas that can benefit from managed print services. Managed print services are the best choice for solving these problems for a number of reasons. Most significantly is the lower cost and greater efficiency they can perform these operations, saving firms money and making them more operationally competitive.

Other areas that can benefit from using a managed print service in a legal office include security, data retrieval management, and overhead reduction. These important services save law firms bundles of money when they outsource them. The pros make switching to a managed print service an easy choice and a smart one.                                              

Data Retrieval Process and Overhead Management

Another way that managed print services benefit printing in law offices is through more efficient data retrieval processes and overhead management. Deficiencies in data retrieval can become expensive bottle-necks. A Managed print service can handle and improve the data retrieval process effectively for legal firms.

Overhead management is another area that managed print services can improve. Documentation requires an attention to detail that can be difficult to maintain in the busy environment of a legal office. Managed services can take over these menial tasks and perform them more efficiently and at a lower cost than achievable in –house. Carrying overhead can be expensive and drag on a firm’s bottom line. Managed services like those of Kelley imaging help keep everything running smoothly. With a managed service taking care of details like data retrieval and overhead, legal professionals are free to focus on exercising their skills in the courtroom.

Enforcing Client Chargeback on Printing                                

All personnel from paralegals to partners are incredibly busy by the nature of their profession. A law office is a hectic work environment and with more pressing matters to attend to, some matters get passed over.

The little things like client chargebacks add up, and a managed print service can make sure legal professionals don’t have to take time to handle them. Contracts sometimes have provisions for charging clients for printing services that are rendered during the duration of the contract.

Make sure you don’t miss out on collecting these fees that are often overlooked. Legal professionals work hard for their money. Leading managed print services like Kelley Imaging understand this and will ensure that money from chargebacks goes where it belongs, in your pocket.  

Secure Printing for Legal Firms

Law offices are especially vulnerable to hacking and espionage attacks. The value of the information that they maintain makes for a big target. Savvy legal firms find the protection they need from managed print services. These services often come with a team of security experts that can address more efficiently than in-house operations.

Clever law firms know better than to entrust security functions with a paralegal or assistant. The advancements in smart technology and printers especially have made it imperative to exercise tight security controls over these devices. 

How Managed Print Services Manage Security

Managed print services are a smart way to secure vulnerable printing equipment which can be targeted by hackers. Law firms have threats from all directions. Firms have been accused of stealing information from clients of competing offices.

These acts of malfeasance in the legal industry are unacceptable, yet it happens. Don’t let this happen to your law office. Managed print services offer protections that can keep law office printing secure along with the invaluable client information that runs through them every day.                                                                                                                                 

The Premier Managed Print Service for Law Firms, Kelley Imaging

The use of managed print services in law office printing is becoming more common and for many good reasons. They make sense, in terms of cost savings and security benefits. Give your firm the best advantages in a managed print service, with Kelley Imaging. They already have a solid reputation for quality that can’t be beaten at this price.  

Time is money, don’t hesitate to call Kelley Imaging and start enjoying the savings and security that partnering with a leading managed print service provides.  

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