Advantages of OnBase by Hyland for Enterprise Content Management?

Advantages of OnBase by Hyland for Enterprise Content Management?

Technology doesn’t drive your business. People drive your business. Your employees – and the processes they complete every day – are the main value drivers for your organization.

Technology simply offers a platform through which people can communicate and collaborate on processes. In a business or institutional environment, they primarily do this through documents. Standardized technology allows employees to quickly and accurately process customer requests.

Taken from this perspective, it’s easy to see why so many enterprises and institutions fail to enjoy the true value of the technology solutions they acquire. If an organization spends $20 million undergoing a company-wide SAP consolidation, but its employees don’t respond to the top-down corporate directive, inefficiencies begin to creep in.

Leveraging technology designed for real people to solve real problems is a key value differentiator in the enterprise environment. In no area of the enterprise is this more apparent than in document management software.

Benefits to Using OnBase by Hyland

Hyland OnBase is more than document management software. It is a unified platform for enterprise content management, business process management, and records management through a single high-performance database.

OnBase users enjoy the following benefits:

  • Enterprise IT environments often become victim to intractable application sprawl as additional technologies and processes are continually piled on top of one another. OnBase unifies the enterprise application network.
  • Comprehensive Document Capture. OnBase makes it easy for enterprises to capture physical and electronic content in a way that speeds up processes and enables authorized employees immediate access to business-critical data. At the same time, managers and executives have instant access to the data they need to make key decisions.
  • Content Management. OnBase makes it easy for IT administrators to manage documents, establishing a readily customizable framework for document capture, qualification, processing, archival, and destruction. It automates document management system workflows to generate value for large businesses and institutions.
  • Enterprise Search. Hyland’s class-leading solution for content discovery and output gives enterprise employees unprecedented capabilities to find and process the documents they need to generate value. Alongside Enterprise File Sync and Share, document-oriented communication is simpler and easier to perform than ever before.
  • Application Integration. OnBase allows its users to rapidly configure content-oriented business applications without having to expend large sums on custom coding. OnBase uses a low-code framework to allow users point-and-click application development accessibility. Deploying new applications has never been easier or more efficient.
  • Award-Winning Case Management. One of the greatest strengths of OnBase by Hyland is its ability to improve processes by improving case management. Organizations with complex, opaque processes can use OnBase case management to resolve issues, manage claims, fulfill service requests, or even onboarding new employees.

OnBase By Hyland Offers Unparalleled Visibility and Control

Enterprises need one document management platform that solves company-wide communication problems. OnBase by Hyland gives large organizations an alternative to developing and implementing multiple systems, reducing fragmentation by enabling a point-and-click configurable platform for developing interoperable applications.

The OnBase experience is an integrated one. It collects information that would otherwise be buried deep in department-specific organizational silos and equips users with up-to-date data. Its integration capabilities allow enterprises to manage document-oriented communication even with people and organizations using a separate business application.

The key to enjoying the maximum benefit of OnBase is through professionally managing the deployment process. In a typical scenario, Kelley Imaging sends consultants to perform a thorough investigation. Their discoveries inform the subsequent configuration of the system and demonstrate the value that it can represent.

By focusing on how users will interact with technology, Hyland is changing the nature of enterprise document management. Build a solid foundation for your business with a comprehensive infrastructure audit.

Customize Enterprise Content Management Solutions to Solve Difficult Challenges

At Kelley Imaging, we have years of experience developing and deploying cutting-edge document management solutions for enterprises and institutions. We have spent a great deal of time and effort cultivating expertise and qualifications in the most relevant technologies for implementing precise and efficient document management software.

During this time, our team learned that infrastructure is often as important as technology for meeting the needs of employee-oriented processes. Without the right framework to rely on, even the most valuable technological processes collapse under their own weight.

Our engineers and technicians use OnBase by Hyland for enterprise content management because the OnBase team understands the role technology plays in the enterprise environment. The technology serves the needs of its users, and allows nearly unlimited configurations and customizations to accommodate often idiosyncratic processes.

Make OnBase by Hyland part of your document management system. Talk to an integration expert about OnBase deployment today.

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