Business Challenges Solved Through Managed Print Services

Business Challenges Solved Through Managed Print Services

The trend for businesses to outsource their printing and document management issues to a company that offers managed print services (MPS) is growing. In part, this is due to managed print’s ability to assist businesses in achieving their productivity and profitability goals while freeing key staff to focus more closely on critical issues.

MPS does more for businesses than simplify their workflows. MPS provided by digital technology experts can refine internal processes, save money in critical areas, and even help companies reach environmental stewardship goals for better public relations.

How Managed Print Can Solve Many of Your Business Problems

Managed print services refer to programs developed by suppliers of printing equipment and services that are comprehensive across all office machines—from printers and scanners to faxes and copiers.

These programs begin by using sophisticated analytics to measure current workload, goals, and needs before putting together an equipment and services program that can produce less paper waste, speed proficiency, bolster security for data and documents, and save money.

Here are just a few ways MPS can help businesses deal with everyday challenges.

Excess or Outdated Equipment

Many companies have a printer pool that’s much larger than required—sometimes because they’ve purchased equipment from varying manufacturers and models and they’re having a difficult time keeping them updated or running.

When one machine begins to slow down, another is purchased to keep productivity and workflow at maximum capacity.

This isn’t the best way to spend capital dollars. An MPS program will keep your equipment in top running order with the latest updates at all times. And, when newer machines appear with advanced technology, old equipment is automatically replaced.

This allows businesses to their best work—with even fewer machines.

Small or Non-Existent In-house IT Support

Many companies struggle to keep enough in-house IT professionals to provide support for all of their needs. An MPS service will take the pressure off of in-house IT staff regarding office technology so they can focus on more critical tasks.

For businesses that don’t have the capital to employ an IT team, MPS offers outstanding support for both print and document management.

Poor or Overstocked Supply Inventory

For some organizations, budget constraints keep their in-house stock of supplies on the low end, sometimes resulting in critical outages that impact deadlines and productivity. Or, office management staff overspends on supplies to create a stockpile to ensure they don’t experience a loss of productivity due to equipment shutdown. This funnels capital away from other uses that could help expand a company’s revenue.

MPS ensures that supplies are ordered automatically to avoid both stockpiling and dearth so that workflow is optimized, and office management staff are relieved of pressure.

Environmental Impact Issues

Paper, print cartridges, and toner all significantly contribute to the amount of material that reach landfills across the planet. MPS can help manage and secure digital documents to reduce paper. Plus, the use of high-quality remanufactured print and toner cartridges can prevent landfill waste.

Many programs minimize carbon impact, reduce waste, reforest trees throughout the globe, and even provide jobs in low-resource areas.

Security and Compliance

MPS assists companies in delivering the most robust security measures for their data and equipment to protect from loss and cyberattack.

Equipment is updated continuously for the most current vulnerabilities, and security features are provided that deal with regulatory compliance issues, in industries where this is key such as healthcare, governmental, education, and others.

Importantly, these protections are scalable and tailored to the specific needs of each company—even within departments of the same company—to bring the strongest security measures online to offer device- and data-level protections.

Kelley Imaging – Your Managed Print Services Experts in Portland, Oregon

Kelley Imaging has expertise providing Managed Print Services and technology planning to help businesses in the Portland, Oregon area maximize their productivity and revenue.

Our team of experts is armed with the latest knowledge and cutting-edge tools to design your workflow with security, productivity, and profitability in mind.

If you want to optimize workflow for higher productivity—without impacting your IT or office staff— get in touch with one of Kelley Imaging consultants today and learn how our MPS experts can help.

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