Can a Toshiba Copier Make Copies That I Can Erase?

Can a Toshiba Copier Make Copies That I Can Erase?

Ask any print professional for ways to reduce paper consumption in the office, and you’ll mostly get the same answers. Some will say go paperless, others will advocate enforcing strict print policies, and yet others will say duplex printing is the answer.

But of all the tried-and-true ways to reduce paper consumption in the office, there is one answer you are not likely to hear. Toshiba’s answer to the paper consumption problem is as simple as it is innovative: print erasable documents and reuse the paper.

One of Toshiba’s latest eStudio printers – the e-STUDIO4508LP – offers exactly this functionality. It can produce both standard prints using black toner, and erasable prints in a special blue hue.

This hybrid printer’s special ability can make it a powerful cost-saving tool in high-volume, low-impact print environments where a large number of documents get printed and nearly immediately thrown away. Offices, schools, and even healthcare clinics can use this feature to significantly reduce paper consumption.

How The eStudio Toshiba Copier Makes Erasable Copies

This isn’t the first time Toshiba has produced a copier that can make erasable documents. It famously released one in 2012, but didn’t deliver on a key premise – that the printer be able to make standard, non-erasable documents as well.

The Toshiba e-STUDIO4508LP, however, is able to perform normal permanent prints alongside its signature erasable ones. This, alongside the eStudio series’ other innovations, allows the device to serve as a standalone centralized document processing unit for schools and high-volume office departments.

The erasable copy process relies on specially formulated heat-sensitive toner. When this toner is exposed to a sufficient amount of heat, it disintegrates and falls off the paper. The Toshiba multifunction printer uses a special heating element to erase paper before using it for new prints.

The heat required to erase the toner is less than the auto-ignition point of paper, which science fiction fans famously know is 451 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also significantly more than the heat that the paper is likely to be exposed to in any daily circumstance, like leaving your documents in the car on a hot day.

The process is simplified to the point where reusing paper copies is as simple as making new ones. If a document has that special blue hue, it is safe to go into the eStudio’s erasable document tray.

Toshiba e-STUDIO4508LP Details and Key Industries

The e-STUDIO4508LP is a powerful office printer, copier, and scanner in its own right. Even without its erasable functions, it stands in a class of its own in terms of features and specifications:

  • It reaches print speeds of 45 pages per minute in permanent black, and 35 pages per minute in erasable blue.
  • It features a 1,200-page capacity standard, upgradeable to a maximum of 3,200.
  • The device’s maximum print resolution is 3600 x 1200 DPI.
  • It is compatible with rules-based printing, and supports sophisticated print policies.
  • The e-STUDIO4508LP supports multiple paper weights, from 16-pound bond paper to 140-pound index sheets.
  • The printer’s hard drive is self-encrypting, allowing for optimal plug-and-play security.

Along with its erasable document capabilities, these features combine to make it an attractive device for schools and other large institutions that regularly need to create handouts for limited-time use. It gives academic institutions an easy way to manage paper consumption in a cost-efficient way.

For example, a school or a university can use erasable documents for one-time student handouts. When students no longer need these handout documents, school administrators can feed them back into their Toshiba copier and use them to create new erasable documents.

Importantly, Toshiba recommends users only erase documents up to five times. Beyond this figure, small bits of undisposed toner can affect the quality of future prints. For the same reason, Toshiba recommends against using erasable printing for confidential documents.

Invest in an Erasable Toshiba Copier for Your Office

Erasable printing can cut paper use down by a factor of five. By giving you five chances to use any given erasable document, it generates new efficiencies in the office environment. Any document that isn’t destined for long-term archival is a potential candidate.

Not only does Toshiba’s special blue erasable toner allow users to reuse paper, it also comes at a competitive price compared to the company’s black permanent toner. This makes the e-STUDIO4508LP a powerful cost-saving asset for businesses looking to cut down high-volume, low-impact paper usage.

Invest in an erasable Toshiba copier today and you could cut down paper usage by 80%. Employ sustainable rules-based printing to ensure your employees make the best possible use of the print resources you put at their disposal.

Are you ready to start printing erasable copies? Talk to one of our experts about deploying a Toshiba e-STUDIO 4508 LP at your office today.


Author: Kelley Imaging


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