Common Printing Problems and Remedies

Common Printing Problems and Remedies

Today’s technologically advanced printers and photocopiers are extremely complex machines with thousands of moving parts and several advanced processor chips. You may even feel like they have personalities of their own. In offices where document management involves thousands of printed pages a day, a copier or multifunction printer (MFP) may be working non-stop from morning until evening. Because of the complexity of the hardware, some small problems are inevitable, however if printing problems occur regularly, you may need a new machine. In the mean time, we have provided you with a guide of simple remedies for common printer and copier problems:

Paper Jams

The rollers inside the machine may become stuck if you use paper that is too thick or too glossy. Dust in the assembly can also cause a jam. If the rollers or gears that feed your paper through the copier or printer are worn you may want to call a technician or consider purchasing a new machine.

Wrinkled Sheets

If wrinkled pages are causing you to reprint your documents it may be due to an uneven paper stack being fed into the printer or copier. This tends to occur when the paper stack was hastily replaced. Always remember to square the stack of paper before closing the paper drawer.

Spotted Pages

If the drum that holds the charged toner is pitted, dented or damaged from normal wear and tear, spots may appear at regular intervals across all your printed pages. A malfunctioning developer unit can also leave drops of ink on your documents. In this case, you may need to order a replacement. If you are unaware of what exactly it is you will need, feel free to ask our professionals.

Blank Areas

When the drum can no longer hold the charge it needs to attract the toner, sections of your documents’ pages may appear as blank spots while the rest of the page is fine. If replacing the toner cartridge does not correct the problem, your machine will need a new drum.

Lines or Dots on the Page

Sometimes hairs, dust, or other objects on the scanner glass may cause blemishes that appear on your copied pages. These spots are usually lighter than the ink spots caused by a pitted drum. You may need to simply clean the glass on the scanner. Your first step is to turn off the device and unplug it from the wall. Second, use a soft, lint free microfiber cloth to wipe off the dust from the scanner glass. Do not use chemicals on the scanner glass.

The managed print services we provide at Kelley Imaging Systems can help you streamline every aspect of document production and management, including troubleshooting mechanical problems with your copier or multifunction printer. To learn more about the document services we provide to businesses in the Northwest, call us today at 800.495.3175 or at one of our nineteen locations. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter!


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