Customizing the Xerox C600 and C605 for Scalability

Customizing the Xerox C600 and C605 for Scalability

The Xerox C600 printer and C605 multifunction device are both powerful assets for any busy office setting. They feature print speeds of up to 55 pages per minute, and can handle high-capacity jobs of up to 120,000 pages per month at maximum productivity. Under normal conditions, these printers can comfortably print 15,000 per month without issue.

This makes the C-600 series an ideal option for small businesses that need fast, consistent printing. The multifunction capabilities that the Xerox C605 offers also make it rewarding as a department-wide productivity center in larger organizations.

However, there is more to the C-600 series than meets the eye at first glance. These printers not only incorporate the latest Xerox ConnectKey technology, but they are also compatible with a wide range of customization options.

Many of these options serve to increase the device's high-capacity performance. This makes the Xerox C605 a great option for growing businesses – it is better-equipped to remain relevant in high-volume workflows longer than similarly priced multifunction devices.

Optional Xerox C605 Multifunction Capabilities and Add-Ons

The main difference between the Xerox C600 and the Xerox C605 is multifunction capability. Where the C600 is a high-performance, mobile-connected printer, the C605 adds on copy, scan, fax, and email capability.

For this reason, the C605 is more likely to be pushed to its limits in an office settings, and more likely to benefit from the high-capacity add-ons Xerox provides. But Xerox customers should know most of these add-ons are compatible with the C600 as well.

1. High-Capacity Feeder

One of the most popular Xerox C605 add-ons is a high-capacity feeder tray. This almost quadruples the standard paper capacity of the multifunction device – going from 700 to 2700. The high-capacity feeder supports standard 8.5 x 11-inch paper, with tolerances of within one inch. It is meant to give the C605 ample resources for challenging print and copy jobs.

2. Single-Pass Duplex Automatic Document Feeder

On many multifunction devices, scanning and copying two-sided originals is a time-consuming task. Employees either have to scan each page individually, or scan the entire document twice and then collate them accordingly. In small business high-volume print environments, employees do not have time for low-impact work of this nature – resources are stretched thin as it is. The single-pass-duplex automatic document feeder resolves that issue.

3. Collate and Staple Finisher

Another optional Xerox C605 add-on is the collate and staple finisher. This device can collate and staple sets of up to 50 sheets, neatly depositing them in the included 500-sheet output tray. During a high-volume project, this can save hours of employee time.

4. Four-Bin MailBox

Instead of a collate and staple finisher, print process owners can choose to incorporate a four-bin mailbox into either the Xerox C600 or C605. Each bin accommodates up to 100 sheets, making it a perfectly sized companion to letterbox advertising services with monthly addresses that do not exceed the tens of thousands.

5. Up to Four Additional Paper Trays

Each 550-sheet paper tray occupies on slot on the Xerox C-600 series stand. With no other add-ons included, you can incorporate four paper trays accommodating paper sizes of anywhere between 3 x 7.5 inches to 8.5 x 14 inches. If you opt for the high-capacity feeder, you will remain with space for one additional paper tray, giving your multifunction device a maximum feed capacity of 3,250 pages.

Each of these capabilities and add-ons give print process owners the ability to scale up print orders without requiring the purchase of an additional multifunction device. Small businesses undergoing growth will be able to use their device for years, earning the best possible return on the investment.

What About Scaling Print Workflows?

Xerox lets you customize more than the hardware you use to print, scan, copy, fax, and email documents. With Xerox ConnectKey technology, you can customize workflows using an intuitive touchscreen interface.

In cases when multiple departments use the same multifunction device, individual users can personalize the home screen to meet their most frequent demands. ConnectKey customization is easy – simply perform the workflow once and save it as an icon on your personalized user home screen. Now you can repeat the process whenever necessary.

This functionality vastly decreases the amount of time that individual print actions take. The Xerox C600 printer and C605 multifunction device are both uniquely designed for scalable, time-saving workflow optimization. From optical character recognition to mobile print compatibility and cloud connection with DropBox, Microsoft Office, OneDrive, Google Drive, and more, the Xerox C-600 series encourages long-term print strategy.

Unsure whether the Xeroc C600 or C605 is the right device for your office? We can help you choose the perfect printer or multifunction device to meet your scalability needs. Call Kelley Imaging today.



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