Digital Signage Usage Continues to Grow in the Education Industry

Digital Signage Usage Continues to Grow in the Education Industry

Some things never change. For example, schools are – and always have been – tasked with ensuring young people are ready for the challenges of the real world.

Other things do change. School administrators are expected to keep with the times and invest in the kinds of technology that will make it easier to serve its students. At the moment, digital signage may be one of the most essential forms of such technology. 

How Schools Use Digital Signage

Digital signage has proven to be an extremely versatile form of technology. It’s been used in retail, restaurants, banks, hospitals, and public areas. The technology is also becoming quite popular in schools, as well.

Academic institutions use digital signs for displaying:

  • Building Directors
  • Curriculum Notifications
  • Emergency Announcements
  • Lunch Menus
  • Timebound Dayparting information
  • Videos During Live Events
  • Welcome Messages

Just as other industries have learned, digital signage has near limitless potential. Anything a traditional sign or blackboard can accomplish, a digital sign can do, too, and so much more.

4 Benefits of Digital Signage for Schools

If those were the only benefits of installing digital signs, many administrators would still find them incredibly useful. However, the truth is that there are countless ways that digital signs improve schools

Here are four specific reasons that will help illustrate why this technology is finding its way into academic institutions all across the country.

1. Save Money on Materials

School funding has always been a concern, especially in recent years as it has continued to fall. More and more, administrators are spending increasing amounts of their time focusing on ways to cut costs and improve fundraising efforts.

One very simple way to add more room into the budget is by utilizing digital signage. You no longer need to continue spending as much money on materials like paper and toner every month. Think of what that will save your budget in just one year, much less over the next 10.

Your school also doesn’t have to depend on advertising agencies and newspapers to help publicize upcoming events. Digital signs can just as easily display these important messages without the same burdensome overhead.

2. Rent Out Space for Additional Funds

Speaking of budgets, most companies depend on a number of different fundraising activities just to stay afloat, much less to improve the way they’re able to serve students. This makes it extremely difficult to forecast how much your school will have every year to spend on such obligations.

With digital signs throughout your school, you’ll have no problem selling advertising space on them to local businesses. Just like digital billboards, these signs can display numerous messages throughout the day. So, the same one's students look to for scheduling information, and cafeteria menus can also flash ads for local businesses.

3. Use the Same Technology Students Do

Technology in the classroom has become almost mandatory for educators in the Digital Age. Younger generations are using all kinds of software and hardware every single day. It’s no wonder many of them disengage the moment they enter a classroom and find their teacher wants them to pay attention to a chalkboard.

Digital signs can be used to convey all kinds of different displays. Unlike simple PowerPoint presentations, though, the user can also manipulate such displays. For example, take a look at how the Toshiba Virtuoso works. Users can manually decide what the next screen will be.

This lends itself to all kinds of different applications, one of which is the classroom. Teachers can use dynamic images and videos to keep students engaged. They can also take their lesson whichever way it goes depending on students’ questions with a simple touch of the screen.

4. Give Off a More Modern Perception

Every school wants to be perceived as modern and up-to-date because no parent wants to send their child to a school that seems like it’s behind-the-times. That would suggest the school wasn’t prepared to give them the best possible education.

Imagine the kind of impression your school would make on parents if, upon entering, there was a digital screen that highlights the work of your students. If you have a larger school, digital wayfinding solutions will make it easy for guests to find their way around while showing off your commitment to cutting-edge technology. Again, another big benefit of this tech is that you don’t need to spend money on printing off these signs every time there’s an event that requires directions.  

Enjoy the Benefits of Digital Signage at Your School

The four reasons above only scratch the surface of what is possible for schools that invest in digital signs. You may have already thought of some unique challenges yours could overcome with the help of this technology.

If you’d like to learn more about what it entails, how it works, or have other questions you’d like to ask, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today and let’s discuss how this technology can benefit your school’s future.

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