Document Management Solutions for Missoula Small Businesses

Document Management Solutions for Missoula Small Businesses

Modern small businesses face the same challenges as their larger counterparts, but with fewer resources, slight budgetary variances, and reduced cash flows. In order to thrive in the current economic environment, companies need to ensure they remain efficient and productive while cutting overheads without compromising operations. Additionally, customers are now more technologically savvy. They expect even small businesses to deliver a similar quality of service as large, multinational enterprises.

Small businesses need to adapt operations and workflows to improve organizational agility and ensure maximum availability. They also need to look at ways to reduce wasteful expenditure and enhance employee efficiency by reducing the amount of manual processing.

Common Challenges Facing Small Businesses in Missoula County

Small businesses are different from larger entities as they need to find a stable, sustainable business model first, and then leverage the model to scale. The cyclical nature of the challenge is inherent as every phase of growth brings a new element to the problem.

The regular challenges during each stage of a company’s growth cycle include:

  • Designing the systems and processes that the business needs
  • Creating a vision that gives the organization a long-term goal
  • Finding ways to deal with market competition
  • Keeping track of market trends and digital transformation requirements
  • Limiting the dependencies on essential personnel such as the founding team
  • Locating the balance between quality products and services at larger scales

If small businesses solve these challenges during each stage of growth, and the solutions identified upfront, a company will be able to scale with its market position, while ensuring they continue to provide the quality service that their customers expect. Solution and technology partners can assist companies with ensuring they remain a digital-first organization, enabling companies to scale incrementally and frequently.

Solutions Available to Small Businesses

The evolution of technology means small companies do have the ability to compete on a level playing field against larger organizations. Cloud solutions and managed services deliver the same quality of digital infrastructure to any sized organization, without necessarily requiring a significant allocation in the budget.

Investing in a digital transformation strategy early on will prevent the need for massive overhauls in the future. Access to talent is becoming a significant concern in the job market, while new regulatory frameworks drive up the cost of compliance. Finding ways to deal with these problems in the long term will ensure a small business’s future success.

Managed Network Services

Digital and IT infrastructure remain a massive overhead no matter what the size of the business. Technology is continuously improving, integrating more systems, and streamlining the entire business process model. A managed network service provider will ensure companies have access to modern systems and devices, secure the entire networked fleet, and deliver business continuity and disaster recovery strategies.

Managed Network Services include:

  • Hardware such as desktop workstations and network access points
  • Virtualization and cloud-based storage solutions
  • Email and network security
  • Data storage and archiving (including backup and recovery solutions)

Managed Print Services

The ability to regain control over the company’s print fleet brings greater efficiencies to the workflow. A complete managed print services solution will include initiatives to drive down the physical footprint of documents while securing the devices at the ground level. With a consistent print budget and complete transparency over the fleet, companies can intervene quickly if they locate a problem. The service includes restocking print supplies and carrying out maintenance on the devices themselves. Using print services ensures the company’s printers operate reliably and reduce the risk of a data breach from an unsecured multifunction device.

Managed Print Services include:

  • Remote monitoring of the entire print fleet
  • Customer support and servicing of the unit
  • Restocking supplies before they run out
  • Maintenance and repair of devices

The latest multifunction devices (copying, scanning, and printing) also integrates with the rest of the digital infrastructure, including process automation tools and Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS). The addition of these solutions will ensure a company gains complete oversight of all the processes and workflows implemented at the organization.

Kelley Imaging – Your Document Management Solution Expert in Missoula, Montana

Kelley Imaging can assist with complete digital solutions for Missoula small businesses. Working with SMBs since 1974, Kelley Imaging provides document management solutions, managed print services, as well as managed network services. Kelley Imaging also offers professional services that include outsourced CIO solutions, taking complete care of a company’s information management needs. To ensure organizations remain compliant with the latest requirements, find new efficiencies in daily workflows, and establish a consistent budget, Kelley Imaging delivers the highest quality of technology and expertise.

To get an assessment of your organization's digital landscape, and start building a sustainable infrastructure solution, get in touch with one of Kelley Imaging’s consultants today.

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