Document Management Solutions – Which Should You Choose for Your Portland Business?

Document Management Solutions – Which Should You Choose for Your Portland Business?

Modern organizations need to adopt new ways to provide better services to customers while reducing the overhead associated with doing business. While most organizations still rely heavily on records and documents, the cost implications shouldn’t necessarily keep you from expanding. With access to newer technology and integrated solutions, the speed and efficiency of every office can benefit from implementing a Document Management Solution.

Overview of Modern Document Management Solutions

The way society is consuming, preparing, sharing, and storing information is constantly evolving. When it comes to your business, customers need accurate information that is accessible, and staff that quickly processes any requests or queries.

The adoption of an electronic document management philosophy is no longer just choosing a solution that reduces the speed of scanning and filing documents. Software solutions reduce the need for hard copies, enables teams to collaborate on the same documents, establish security controls that limit access to information, and ensures compliance with local and federal laws.

Challenges Facing Portland’s Document Management Processes

Cost and overhead remain a concern for businesses that seek to achieve the best customer satisfaction without compromising efficiency. Some of the biggest overhead’s companies in Portland, Oregon face is compliance with laws and regulations, the incorrect processing of information, as well as the physical cost of producing paper copies.

Additionally, a specific failure in your information management process can open you up to legal liability and financial penalties. With customers now insisting that information remains entirely secure at all times, providing auditable data security solution as part of your service is key. This will improve customer satisfaction, generate higher conversion rates, and ensures longer customer retention periods.

There are also reputational risks involved if you experience any breach of your information security. To ensure your customers trust your business, implementing a complete Document Management Solution will alleviate any concerns and help you deliver according to your customers’ expectations.

Benefits of Implementing a Document Management Solution

The primary benefit of implementing an integrated Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) at your company is improving cross-functional collaboration. The ability to route information accurately between departments, quickly address deficiencies, and access all the history of a document, enables you to reduce errors and process daily tasks more efficiently.

Key features of a modern DMS include:

  • Accurate filing and retrieval of all documents.
  • Reduced hard copies required, meaning fewer prints and reduced expenditure.
  • Efficient handling of requests, tasks, issues, and other related business processes.
  • Auditable compliance with local, federal, and international laws and regulations.

Although the initial cost for implementing a document management solution may seem like a big investment, the ROI will quickly mitigate any of these concerns. Office productivity solutions drive the modern economy by continuously reducing the bottom line.

Document Management Solutions Overview

There are many different solutions to pick from, each with different strengths. Most solutions come with advanced integration capabilities that connect to other business-critical infrastructures such as accounting and safety systems. This ensures you can reduce the silos in your company to make the entire organization perform efficiently.

OnBase by Hyland Enterprise Information Platform

Hyland provides OnBase as an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution. OnBase is low-code customizable, includes mobile device support, and can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud.

Key features of OnBase by Hyland include:

  • Workflow of business process management including automation capabilities.
  • Secure access to all company documentation, information, and content from a single location.
  • Electronic processing of requests and tasks using digital forms.
  • Improved security and compliance with user- and role-based access control.
  • Enterprise-wide compliance with security and company policies.

ABBYY Suite of Productivity Solutions

ABBYY’s products improve office productivity with digital documentation and information processing, helping your organization adopt a paper-less strategy. The software helps teams scan and edit existing documents using best-in-industry Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology.

ABBYY’s features include:

  • Edit PDF documents including comments and annotations.
  • Search, protect, and share PDF documents.
  • Schedule and automate batch conversions of documents.
  • Track document changes and identify differences between different versions.
  • Scan and convert PDFs into editable document formats.

DocuWare Document Management and Workflow Solutions

DocuWare’s solutions speed up the timetable for adopting digital transformation in your business. With both business process management and electronic content creation and storage capabilities, DocuWare streamlines the workflows and ensures accurate processing, while allowing you to automate repetitive tasks.

The DocuWare platform features include:

  • Electronic creation, storage, management, and indexing of all business documents.
  • Business process workflows including task automation.
  • Mobile access to your information ensuring staff remain productive from anywhere.
  • Ensures compliance with improved data integrity.

Kelley Imaging – Your Document Management Solution Experts in Portland, Oregon

Kelley Imaging provides customers with expert advice and Document Management Solutions in the Pacific Northwest. Our consultants can provide detailed information about OnBase by Hyland, ABBYY, or DocuWare’s product offerings, and assist with your digital transformation strategy.

If you need greater business efficiencies and productivity advice to streamline your Portland, Oregon business, get in touch with one of Kelley Imaging’s experts to start the process.

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