Find Out How to Participate in Toshiba's Recycling Program

Find Out How to Participate in Toshiba's Recycling Program

If there is one common office supply that ends up polluting landfills more than any other, it’s the toner cartridge. Despite the fact that toner cartridges are easily recyclable, the vast majority end up polluting landfill-adjacent soil and water. 

Not only do toner cartridges contain volatile organic compounds and heavy metals, but they also consume oil during manufacture. But the harmful environmental effects of toner cartridge manufacture and disposal are easy to avoid. Widespread corporate recycling programs turn toner cartridge collection and recycling into simple tasks that effectively cost nothing. 

One of the most successful campaigns available to office managers dedicated to meeting corporate responsibility initiatives is Toshiba’s recycling program. Toshiba is partnered with Close the Loop, an international sustainability organization that offers recycled materials to progressive infrastructure companies around the world. 

Participating in Toshiba’s recycling program is easy. The manufacturer provides all of the materials and resources you need – including pick-up and logistics – so that your office can recycle toner cartridges as easily as you would otherwise throw them out. 

How the Toshiba Recycling Program Works 

Toshiba is committed to helping its customers reduce, reuse, and recycle as many office supplies as possible. The manufacturer’s partnership with Close the Loop enables 100% recycling of toner cartridges, drum units, and toner receptacles. 

There is no charge for participating. First, Toshiba places a collection box in your office so that your employees can dispose of printer toner easily. The box gradually fills with spent toner cartridges, and Toshiba regularly picks it up directly from your office. 

Each box is about 13 inches square and 32 inches deep. That’s enough to hold between 15 and 20 individual toner cartridges and drum units. If your office uses less than five cartridges per month, you can ship your box directly to Toshiba. The manufacturer takes care of the rest from there. 

What Happens After Toner Cartridge Collection? 

Close the Loop toner recycling works thanks to the organization’s partnership with large infrastructure companies. For instance, Downer Group is an Australian infrastructure company that uses recycled printer toner cartridges for public asphalt projects.  

Close the Loop and Downer Group’s partnership produced TonerPave, an asphalt product that outperforms standard asphalt while cutting carbon emissions by 23%. Not only is this product more environmentally friendly than standard asphalt, it also resists cracking and requires less maintenance – a win-win situation for everyone involved. 

Close the Loop offers other examples of economically attractive recycled material options as well. The organization’s eLumber is made entirely out of recycled plastics. This material replaces lumber, saving trees and offering waterproof, insect-resistant, UV-retardant performance for outdoor furniture. 

By entrusting your spent toner cartridges to Close the Loop, you can begin an environmental sustainability campaign at your organization with zero investment. Everything you need to initiate the campaign is at your disposal. 

How Toshiba and Close the Loop Offer Free Logistics 

Close the Loop already offers one of the largest toner cartridge collection and recycling programs in Australia. With over 30,000 collection points and multiple vendors onboard, it is able to take advantage of unique economies of scale when devising logistics strategies for toner cartridge pick-up and delivery. 

This allows the organization to save so much on shipping that it can cover the cost of its extensive toner recycling network solely through the revenues it obtains through progressive infrastructure partnerships. This lets the organization extend its transport services across the world. 

At the same time, business intelligence and traceability directives allow Toshiba and Close the Loop to offer useful data to their partners. Participants in the Toshiba recycling program benefit from extensive information about their environmental sustainability credentials – from the number of cartridges recycled to overall carbon footprint reduction. 

This also lets businesses identify the presence of counterfeit toner cartridges. Toshiba and Close the Loop give organizations quality assurance capabilities that they could not otherwise enjoy. Apart from verifying sustainability practices, organizations can verify their own print consumable supply partnerships. 

Begin the Toshiba Recycling Program Today 

Toshiba and Close the Loop are continuously working on new ways to make optimal use of the Earth’s resources, and offering organizations easier ways to participate. By investing in new recycling technologies and researching ways to make better use of difficult materials, Close the Loop plays a critical role in the Toshiba recycling program. 

The Kelley Imaging team is committed to participating in this zero-waste-to-landfill program, and will help any one of our customers implement it for themselves. Close the Loop toner recycling is within reach of any organization that regularly uses print consumables. Now you can play your part in this widespread, highly efficient recycling program. 

Put your business on the path towards environmental sustainability. Talk to a Kelley Imaging specialist about toner recycling today!

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