FlexStream USPS™: A Complete Solution for USPS™ Mail Processing

FlexStream USPS™: A Complete Solution for USPS™ Mail Processing

Address quality and mail deliverability is a hot-button for today’s small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Having partial, poorly readable, or inaccurate addresses can impact mail deliverability, disrupt cashflow, and ruin your business’ sender reputation.

For ways to look at enhancing your mail piece while also qualifying for hard to access USPS First Class Mail discounts, companies benefit from using Flex Systems FlexStream USPS™, the comprehensive mailing software that helps businesses stay abreast of customers’ addresses while unlocking the best USPS™ discounts and services possible.

Mailing Solutions through FlexStream USPS™

FlexStream USPS™ offers businesses a hybrid mailing solution that combines the power of applications with the flexibility of SaaS.

Even though the robust back-end Presort and CASS engines are accessed through the cloud, they don’t require any additional data files or software on your computer since the FlexStream system acts as an interface.

With FlexStream as the intermediary, there are no updates to worry about and no licensing to purchase — a plus when you consider how often postal requirements change.

Additional benefits are added when you consider that, in addition to their low annual subscription option, FlexStream offers a unique pay-as-you-go option that allows businesses to pay for only the services they use. This maximizes postal discount benefits for the infrequent or low-volume mailers and ensures you don’t have to worry about add-ons down the line.

Specifically, FlexStream USPS™ offers a powerful combination of address hygiene services, presort, and design services to help support SMB mailroom operations. These include:

FlexStream USPS™ Address Services

FlexStream USPS™ comes complete with Postal-service-approved address hygiene practices. These practices are centered on helping businesses reduce or eradicate undeliverable mail for increased campaign engagement and customer satisfaction, as well as higher postal discounts and lower costs.

Features include:

  • Assurance of address deliverability through an integrated DPV®.
  • Production of Form 3553 and USPS™ CASS Certified™ for unmatched accuracy.
  • Ability to process 18- or 48-month NCOA.
  • Ability to process DSF2 (Optional).
  • Online generation of an instant Process Acknowledgement Form (PAF).
  • Wide variety of formatting options for data that’s returned — such as replacing, removing, or casing address elements.
  • The ability to batch-process as well as look up a single address.

With FlexStream, staying on top of mail deliverability is fast and easy — making it simple to stay connected with customers, provide optimal customer service, and lower the probability of a cash-flow slowdown due to lost remittance.

Presorting Processing

FlexStream combines intelligent address hygiene with fast and accurate presorting for maximum cost savings. Presorting features include:

  • Presort processing that carries the USPS™ PAVE (Gold) Certification.
  • Lowest presorted postal rates available for volume mailings.
  • Generation of business-rules-driven Drop-Ship Entry Point Lists for increased postal cost savings.
  • Intuitive palletization of trays and sacks.
  • Generation of all USPS™ paperwork required for mailing.
  • Creation of related reports and paperwork in PDF format for ease of access, sharing, and printing.
  • Generation of Mail.dat.
  • Provision of break-marks for containers, packages, and pallets that are customizable.

Implementing even just a few of these features will allow businesses to capture the maximum discounts available through the USPS™, resulting in overall cost savings.

Other Notable Features

Finally, FlexStream offers a number of additional features to round out their robust product. These include:

  • A system by which you can add a Permit Imprint to your mailing.
  • Generation and Printing of IM Barcode (IMB), Postnet, and Code128.
  • Design assistance for your mail piece using postal templates that meet USPS™ standards.

Understanding the parameters for envelope and mailing design specified by USPS™ will ensure that your mail is delivered in a timely and accurate manner. Having this component integrated into the FlexStream system means you’ll never have to guess whether or not your mailing campaign is postal-ready.

Ready to Explore the Ways FlexStream USPS™ Can Streamline Your Mail Processes?

While FlexStream USPS™ is a great way to begin optimizing your mailroom practices for increased accuracy, greater revenue capture, and significant time management gains, you may still have questions.

And, even though the FlexStream offers a simple interface with no equipment to manage, implementing and deploying a new mail processing system can seem overwhelming — particularly if you are currently managing more than one department of your business.

If you want to know whether FlexStream a good fit for your business, you should talk with the experts in managed print technology to address the possibilities.

Make an appointment with a Kelley Imaging expert now and find out how FlexStream USPS™ can benefit your workforce, your customers, and your business.

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