Healthcare Printing: Xerox Multifunction Printers

Healthcare Printing: Xerox Multifunction Printers

Xerox multifunction printers are in high demand, especially in the healthcare industry. The brand name speaks for itself and has been a house favorite for healthcare and other organizations for years. Healthcare facilities of all sizes can benefit from Xerox multifunction printers. These printers were designed with healthcare printing needs in mind. Here is what healthcare facilities need to know about them and where to find the best deal.

How Xerox Multifunction Printers Facilitate Security and HIPAA Compliance for Healthcare Organizations

Modern technology in the medical field has been on a steady and steep incline. Having reliable and quick access to patient information to give the best care possible is very important as we move into the digital age where every document is digitized. Protecting patient information is critical, especially in today’s environment rife with cyber threats and data breaches frequently featured on the news.

Xerox multifunction printers are one of the best ways to keep everything flowing in healthcare systems. Xerox healthcare multifunction printers have HIPAA-compliant protocols for records, and all of the functions with all-in-one printers. The benefit of this combination is something that is readily understood and appreciated by decision makers in healthcare where HIPAA compliance is a serious concern.

Enjoy the benefits of HIPAA compliant workflow with the Xerox Healthcare Multifunction Printer Solution. This printer is a tool that no healthcare facility should be without. Any healthcare organization, irrespective of size can benefit from this coveted Xerox offering.

Important Features of Xerox Multifunction Printers  

Healthcare printers offer the best-in-class features of connection, access, and sharing of patient information, along with following HIPAA regulations. Xerox healthcare multifunction printers reduce waste, keep things efficient, and improve the quality of care in healthcare facilities.

Xerox’s healthcare printers are equipped with the country's biggest, most secure health data exchange, and can gain access to millions of providers. Using Xerox printers, healthcare facilities can access provider networks and can search for local, statewide, or national providers. Once a healthcare facility is connected, they can share patient information safely and quickly via fax or email.

Enjoy Cost Savings and Enhanced Efficiency with Xerox Multifunction Printers  

Xerox healthcare multifunction printers from Kelley Imaging can help with the fulfillment of any healthcare printing needs. These printers can also help with budgets, as not all departments have extra money laying around. They are cost effective and provide the best connection in any part of a facility.

Transferring copies of records to or from any facility can be a hassle, but with Xerox, they are a breeze. Healthcare is a demanding industry, and Kelley Imaging has been successful in helping facilities in this field run smoothly and better serve patients.

The Advantages of the Kno2 Platform with Xerox Multifunction Printers

Xerox healthcare printers come equipped with Kno2, a cloud-based platform used to exchange patient information between healthcare providers. Healthcare professionals can access patient information from any enabled device, including laptops, desktops, mobile phones, EMRs, and of course Xerox healthcare multifunction printers. They are updated constantly so that any professional can access it anytime, anywhere. Kno2 gets rid of the frustration of multiple logins, separate hardware, or the need to be in the office when you need to send information.

Achieve More Efficient Information Flow with the Kno2 Platform   

All healthcare providers can share patient information electronically, and format correct care plans for each individual patient's needs. Information can be sent or received on demand. This means that there is no need to wait for paper files to be sent over from different providers.

Eliminating that requirement represents a serious advantage for healthcare printing in organizations who have time restrictions in their busy work environments. Kno2 takes patient information and turns it into graphs, records, reports, and charts without having to file or fax the information manually. It cannot be overemphasized how much healthcare facilities can benefit from the Kno2 platform in terms of saving time. The amount of time saved by using this platform on Xerox multifunction printers is astounding.    

Choose the Right Vendor for Your Xerox Multifunction Printer, Choose Kelley Imaging

Purchasing a Xerox multifunction printer is a serious undertaking for many firms, especially for small businesses. Make the purchasing experience a smooth one that you can look back on with satisfaction. Kelley Imaging is a leading vendor and a smart choice for Xerox products like multifunction printers. When you choose Kelley Imaging for your Xerox MFP purchases, you get a partner who’ll make sure you get the most out of your purchase. 

Find the best Xerox MFP for you by chatting with Kelley Imaging, an industry leader and proud vendor for Xerox products.

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