How do I know if I should replace an aging copier?

How do I know if I should replace an aging copier?

Is your current fleet of multifunction copiers and printers starting to get a little long in the tooth? You’re going to have to decide if you should replace your existing devices with managed print services, or opt to continue repairing your current copiers. While there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to the question of “should I replace aging devices or repair them?”, the answer really depends on the situation. Partnering with a managed print services provider will provide the best solution to keep your business moving. The team at Kelley Imaging will help you come to a decision about whether to provide copier repair services or replace a device altogether has to do with remote monitoring.

Managed print solutions provide answers to the many problems that tend to come up when dealing with printing and printing-related processes. Putting all print-related responsibilities in the hands of an MPS company lets you enjoy the benefits of having someone else handle your printer support for you. Additional requirements for monitoring of equipment, copier repair, and replacing old machines also come with managed print support.

Printer Service with MPS

Getting involved with printer service or copier repair is often a large burden on your company’s budget and schedule. With an MPS program, you will be putting the responsibilities for these tasks into the hands of an experienced managed print support team. In doing so, the MPS team will keep track of your current inventory of printing machines at all your business locations.

Then they will retrieve and analyze a full print history from the equipment you’re using. After collaborating with your print provider, the MPS can then point out any inefficient machines that need copier support or replacement. And after that, managed print support will continue to take care of your entire print environment.

Because MPS providers keep an eye on what’s happening with your devices at all times, they’re able to determine when your device needs copier repair. When repairs are needed, the device can either be repaired remotely or be fixed by a technician specializing in printer support. When the latter is required, a technician will be sent to your location before anyone even knows there is a problem in most cases.

Remote Monitoring for Printer Service

Managed print services provide a way for all printing processes to be monitored remotely. This gives a significant advantage over any other method of managing printing processes. Remote management lets you track printing data so that you can improve your print environment. You won’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to copier repair because the performance of your machines will already be taken care of.

Sometimes, printer repair will be costlier than replacing the machine altogether. When it’s more efficient to acquire a new printer than it is to repair an old one, your MPS provider will order new equipment rather than waste time and resources engaging in printer support.

This way, you don’t even have to think about whether you should repair your printer or replace it with a new one. Your managed print solutions provider will take care of it for you. And because they will have been monitoring your device for the entirety of your engagement with them, they will have all the necessary information to make an informed decision on how best to go about repairing or replacing your printer.

When it is decided that repair won’t be enough, and you need a new printer, your MPS provider can deliver a new printer of the same or similar kind at little to no cost to you. They will do this even in cases involving an expired warranty on your previous printer. MPS ensures that your whole print environment will always function at maximum capacity. That includes copier service and replacing equipment when necessary.

Printer Service or Printer Replacement?

All things considered, managed print solutions solve a great many problems created by most print environments. Without MPS, managing all your printing needs would cost more and be less efficient.

Through an MPS program, you won’t have to decide whether your printer needs repairing or replacing. The cost analysis will be done for you. The heavy lifting involved in repairing or replacing a machine will also be done by the MPS.

Contact Kelley Imaging today to find out more about our managed print services. We will repair or replace any printer when you work with us.

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