How to Choose a Reprographics Shop for Professional Banner Printing

How to Choose a Reprographics Shop for Professional Banner Printing

When it comes to printing marketing materials - banners demand special attention. Both the marketing logistics and additional considerations that go into printing banners serve to separate these orders from more traditional ones like brochures and postcards.

This means that companies looking for high returns on outdoor advertising strategies will need to lay down plans to ensure that their efforts translate perfectly from the screen to the banner. Since banners typically represent a long-term investment, they need to be made from durable materials that will reflect positively on your brand.

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Special Considerations for Banner Printing

The Pacific Northwest has a reputation for rain, and this is a hugely important fact for anyone considering outdoor advertising using banners or billboards. It limits the availability of viable materials and forces advertisers to consider more secure finishing and hanging options.

1. Choose the Best Banner Materials for Weather

Generally, advertising banners need to have two attributes: They must attract the eye and resist weather damage. Rain and wind makes paper a completely inappropriate choice for any long-term outdoor banner installation.

Vinyl is a far superior choice because it is waterproof and tear-resistant. Vinyl comes in multiple weights, with heavier options being more durable than lighter ones. However, in windy environments, lighter 9-ounce mesh vinyl will outperform heavy vinyl because it allows airflow through the membrane. This prevents the wind from pulling a heavy vinyl against its frame like a ship's sail.

Furthermore, banner materials need to be flame-resistant. You should choose self-extinguishing non-reflective vinyl that conforms to the standards set by the National Fire Protection Association.

2. Not all Inks – Nor all Banner Printers – Are Equal

There is no point to putting up a high-quality vinyl banner with your brand message printed using cheap, fade-prone ink. But between water-based inks, solvent-based inks, and eco-solvent UV-cured inks, which is the best choice? Can you rely on your banner printer to use the best ink for the job?

Banner printing professionals know that solvent-based inks offer superior durability and fade-resistance compared to water-based inks. UV-cured inks respond better to long-term applications where UV rays from the sun can gradually cause graphics to fade. Eco-solvents are easier on the environment, as well, giving advertisers a powerful incentive to choose them.

But in order to use the right inks, you must have a compatible reprographics printer. Professional banner printing shops must be able to offer multiple media types and multiple ink types – meaning that they will invariable have multiple printers for you to choose from.

3. Finishing and Hanging Vinyl Banners

Among banner hanging options, two variants stand out the most – hem and grommet finishing or pole pockets. Generally, high-quality hem and grommet banners are as durable as pole pocket banners – the main difference between the two is the look.

Banner placement and your specific brand personality will determine which one is the best option for you. Hem and grommet finishes offer superior flexibility since you can hang them on just about surface using a tough nylon thread. Pole pockets let you slide the banner onto a pole like you would a flag, which can look classier in certain applications.

Ordering in Bulk vs. Individual Banners

Another key factor to consider is whether you need to order banners in bulk or not. It's a well-known fact that ordering in bulk lets you earn price discounts. But it's a common misconception that every banner in the order has to be exactly the same in order to obtain the best discount.

Advances in automated personalization allow high-performance banner printers to customize different banners in a single run. This reduces the cost of creating multiple banners with similar designs and different content. Not all services offering banner printing in Seattle have access to this cost-saving technology, so be sure to ask your provider.

Thinking about using vinyl banners for a branded outdoor advertising initiative? Talk to a reprographics specialist about your needs today! You can also contact the Kelley Imaging team directly by calling (800) 495-3175 to speak with a specialist.

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