How to Limit Your Environmental Impact at Work

How to Limit Your Environmental Impact at Work

Years of being wasteful have made it necessary for firms to be mindful of the negative impact on the environment. This need for mindfulness is becoming increasingly important as more pressure is being put on organizations to reduce their environmental footprint. Here’s what businesses should know about going green at the workplace.

Why Going Green Matters in Business Today

Fifty years ago, the idea of going green would be seen as not only unnecessary but also most likely be scoffed at in the boardroom. Today, however, is a different world and the pressure to go green is mounting.

Managers who are personally interested in the state of the environment must at least recognize the interests of customers. One thing that is just as true today as it was in past is that the customer is king. This priority has not and will not change. Managers with a true mind for business will recognize this and cater to an environmentally conscious body of consumers.

Engaging with a More Informed Consumer

One of the principal reasons that businesses are under more heat to do their part in reducing climate change is because today’s consumer is more informed. More informed consumers mean more specificity in choice and more discerning tastes in where they do business.

Put simply, there are enough consumers today that care about environmental sustainability and practices to allow it to affect where they shop. Managers will do well to remember that while tastes may change, the everlasting reign of the customer will continue. Opinions can be influenced and even shaped, but in the end, whatever they are, a business must heed to the customer’s interests if they want to make money.  

The Environmental Costs of Printing

Office printing is a key area to improve on environmental impact. The two most significant contributing factors here are paper consumption and electric. The cost of paper goes far beyond the purchase price. Printing paper generates a massive impact on the environment.

Another way that office printing affects the environment is in amount of electricity it requires. The cost of energy makes for a substantial environmental footprint. Printing isn’t going away anytime soon. It is, however, getting smarter.

Making Printing Easier on You and the Environment

There are many ways for businesses to make their printing operations more environmentally friendly. Implementing these simple practices will make your firm greener and leaner. As it turns out, these tips will also make firms more fiscally competitive.

Going green can encompass expensive structural changes in other areas, but when it comes to printing, these changes will actually save you money.

Using Trim Recycled Printing Paper and Duplex Printing

Two of the easiest and most sensible ways a business can make their office printing greener are switching to thin recycled paper and utilize. Using duplex printing will cut office printing paper consumption in half by printing on both sides of each page.

A paper that is slimmer and recycled also makes a difference and will be both ecologically and economically superior to standard printing paper.  

Font and Ink Cartridges

Outside of design teams, a font might seem like a small issue, but it can make a big difference in ink consumption. Going lighter on bold headings and text per page will greatly reduce the consumption of ink. Not only is this ecologically sound, and lower operational costs considerably. Organizations need to take a hard look at the type of ink cartridges they buy.

Ink cartridges have a serious effect on both the environment and budgets. Firms should seek out high capacity and or remanufactured ink cartridges. High capacity ink cartridges hold much more ink and will result in less expense and less wasteful cartridges over time. Remanufactured cartridges are another wise option for some businesses.

Quality concerns over remanufactured cartridges can be discounted as third-party organizations are held to tight industry standards. This means that they are perfectly safe to use for office printing and can help make an environmental impact at the workplace that your customers will appreciate.   

Go Green with Kelley Imaging

Going green is a big transition and businesses can use a helping hand, let Kelley Imaging take your hand and walk you through it. Kelley Imaging is a leader in solving environmental impact at the workplace by going green with printing. Our knowledgeable team can help make your office printing operations eco-friendly and appease customers who care about the environment.    

Get Kelley Imaging on the phone today and see what they can do for your business. Their managed print service will make life easier and make your operations more efficient at lower costs.


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