How to Use Vinyl Business Signs Most Efficiently

How to Use Vinyl Business Signs Most Efficiently

Although vinyl business signs are a staple of many industries, many business owners and marketers aren't using them to their full potential.

Like many other factors in the branding equation, the use of signage for a business to attract attention, generate consumer interest, and showcase discounts is shifting due to new technological advances. Some of these advances have a direct impact on the efficient use of vinyl signage, while others have a more subtle effect.

Technologies that directly affect the best use of vinyl business signs include improvements in short-run printing, better vinyl adhesives, and greater durability. Indirect examples include social media and digital design software, both of which have drastically altered consumer expectations concerning signage and branding.

In today's information-saturated market environment, it's more important than ever that your brand be both powerful and immediately recognizable. Vinyl signage can help you achieve this if your brand is properly positioned to obtain optimal results.

This may require re-branding. According to the Forbes Agency Council, if conversion rates have been dropping and consumers are becoming less engaged over time, it may be time to re-brand. Vinyl signage can play an important role in establishing the value of your brand when used in tandem with digital marketing efforts.

Understand the Brand

To truly generate value through your branding campaign, you need to put thought into the way every aspect of your company impacts the consumer experience. Vinyl signage plays an important role here, especially in industries that use experiential marketing – such as by hosting events.

Branding is all about providing customers with a unified experience. Wherever a consumer has a touch-point with your company or its products and services, you are responsible for ensuring that the experience is on-brand.

This can mean adjusting your existing marketing materials and showcasing them in different way. Your customers' expectations will dictate the way you can brand experiences most appropriately.

A great example is the way that North London's Premier League football club, Arsenal, re-designed its famous crest. Soccer is a hugely important sport in England, so it is similarly important that one of the nation's most iconic teams has a powerful brand behind it.

The problem is that in today's smartphone-dominated world, an 18th-century heraldic crest simply contains too much information to make an effective statement. When scaled-down, nobody can read the Latin motto – in fact, very few can read Latin at all anymore – so it had to go.

The brand's new logo, however, is equally at home on a digital screen as it is on a poster, on a jersey, or on an automobile. It also translates perfectly to print no matter how small or large you need it to be.

The Role Vinyl Business Signs Play in Branding

Creating a powerful logo is an important first step towards maximizing the effectiveness of branding. The next step is using that logo to brand customer experiences in memorable ways. This is where vinyl business signs can play a significant role.

In the 21st century, brands that aim to offer a unified experience need to be able to do so both online and offline. Better yet, the transition from online to offline needs to be seamless.

This is why a simple logo re-design can have such broad implications. You may need your logo on corporate stationery, taking up a tiny amount of header space, or you may need it on a large-format business sign informing customers of new products, services, or sales. The ability to create branded materials using flexible, durable vinyl signage is a key factor in bridging your online brand with your offline one.

But when you create these graphics, you have to adjust the size of your branded graphics materials to match their intended substrate. Today's vinyl stickers can stick to almost anything, but your reprographics needs change based on whether you intend on using a vinyl sticker on a storefront window or on a car door.

Ultimately, ensuring a cohesive brand experience means having branded materials at multiple levels and scales throughout your entire company. You need affordable short-run reprographics for large-scale vinyl business signs and you need high-quality, high-volume runs to meet professional product labeling needs.

By unifying the branding experience, you can make your vinyl business signs an extension of your brand. This will multiply the impact each individual sign has, as it increases the power of each individual impression on each individual consumer.

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