How Today’s Office Printers Manage Themselves — And Save You Money

How Today’s Office Printers Manage Themselves — And Save You Money

Printing costs are an unavoidable part of business — no matter how “paperless” current technology promises to make us. And, with companies spending nearly 3% of their annual revenue outputting print documents, it’s easy to see why controlling costs associated with printing is paramount for savvy businesses.

The most common way to nip print costs in the bud is by employing a system of Managed Print Services (MPS), the perfect outsourcing solution to rein in costs, ramp up productivity, and keep your network — and data — secure.

Employing managed services offers many benefits to the business owner, including providing a single contract that makes it easy to keep track of all equipment, maintenance, supplies, updates, and overall spending.

Importantly, having printers that practically manage themselves frees up key staff members such as office managers and IT staff so they can effectively concentrate on other urgent areas of business.

Keeping Track of Supplies and Replenishment Automatically Saves Time and Money

One of the most aggravating chores for an office manager is staying on top of replenishment. In fact, Consumer Reports rates having to constantly replace ink cartridges as a top complaint.

Using managed services frees up your office staff by giving you access to a variety of printer brands, like Xerox, that offer auto-replenish services.

With a system of auto-renewals, your printer or other office machine automatically notifies the company when ink, toner, or other supplies are running low. Then, supplies are shipped automatically to prevent workflow disruptions caused by supply inventory miscalculations.

Additionally, because supplies are ordered on an as-needed basis instead of being stockpiled in a storeroom, you can keep more of your revenue where you need it — growing your business — instead of being used for unnecessary purchases.

Printing Applications and Wireless Printing Make Productivity Soar While Cutting Costs

Managed services are more than just automatically replenished supplies — they also comprise a fleet of applications and functionality that allow businesses to optimize many aspects of their printing network.

Some services even include software that can monitor the devices in your office, track usage across all printers on the network, and integrate troubleshooting and support.

Print Applications

Using printing applications like Xerox’s Connect Advantage Service gives you swift, on-target troubleshooting of print issues to avoid those machine failures that impact productivity. A service representative can remotely tap into and gather the service data needed to keep your printer running smoothly, without productivity grinding to a halt while employees wait for an in-person service call.

Convenient applications like bespoke customer dashboards and built-in audits can give you a window into your company’s print usage, helping to streamline your process for greater efficiency and cost savings. And, understanding exactly how your company uses your network can provide insight that can help you reduce redundancies for increased cost savings.

Additionally, managed services come with a full complement of support and print infrastructure expertise that can free up your IT department to focus on more critical tasks.

Wireless Printing

Wireless printing offers increased flexibility by allowing users to print from various locations and devices. Besides eliminating the need for multiple cables and wires, printing through Wi-Fi allows exceptional mobility. It can even alleviate device storage problems by allowing printing to occur from online data storage or cloud-based data centers.

Finally, managed services help support corporate responsibility and sustainability programs by contributing to the reduction of energy consumption, reducing the use of paper, toner, and ink.

Not only does this help businesses conserve resources, but it keeps millions of pounds of material out of landfills to help preserve the health of our planet.

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Our team of experts has cutting-edge tools and knowledge available to custom-configure your print network to suit your industry, manage your print supplies and troubleshooting, and protect your data.

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