Increase Productivity with ABBYY OCR Technology

Increase Productivity with ABBYY OCR Technology

Productivity drives success in today’s fast-paced overwhelmingly competitive market. Any technology that can significantly enhance productivity can make the difference between failure and success. ABBYY OCR technology brings some of the most powerful advantages in productivity to businesses across the globe. Here’s what managers need to know about this incredible technology and how to take advantage of it.

ABBYY Technologies, the Future of File Management

ABBYY is a forward-thinking company that offers superior and highly innovative technologies for businesses around the world. They offer some of the most advanced tools for document management and manipulations on the market today. These offerings include revolutionary OCR products like FineReader 14.

Their tools can be used to enhance productivity and get the most out of documents office-wide and beyond.

ABBYY OCR Technology and FineReader 14, the Tools No Firm Can Go Without in 2019

Businesses have been scrambling to keep up with technology, and document management has seen some of the most rapid and remarkable advances.

OCR, or Optical Character Recognition technology, is one of the most advantageous tools to have in document management. Firms can convert scanned documents into different formats with ease using one simple yet highly effective tool, Fine Reader 14.

Being able to convert different formats like Word to PDF with one tool takes the headache out of document management. The software has the remarkable ability to churn out seamless conversions on documents of different formats and up to 192 foreign languages. Performance at this level is hard to beat. The program is smooth, clean, and easy to use making it a smart investment for any business.

Two Tiers of Service

ABBYY’s flagship OCR software, FineReader 14 comes in two tiers of service. The standard edition is capable of editing PDF’s and an impressive range of OCR conversions. Smaller firms favor it and can get a perpetual license for a one-time charge.

Larger outfits benefit the most from the second tier, the corporate edition which has the full unbridled power of OCR technology. The enhanced edition allows for the performance of automated conversions via a hot folder as well as the ability to compare documents.

How ABBYY OCR Technology for FineReader 14 Amplifies Productivity

ABBYY’s FineReader 14 can greatly enhance a firm’s productivity and make them more successful by making their operations easier and more efficient. The software makes it possible to take paper straight from the scanner and have them turned into organized legible documents that are digitized for convenience.

Using the software, PDFs can be edited and commented on with ease, allowing for a more collaborative and overall more efficient workplace.

ABBYY Technology has been around for years and is well established as a trusted document solution for business. Shop through Kelley Imaging for the best deal on this incredible software.

What Sets ABBYY FineReader 14 Apart From the Competition

So, what sets ABBYY FineReader 14 apart from the competition? Here are the reasons it’s worth your time and money:

  • Supports large conversion batches, converts many files in a single session with ease.
  • Conservative pricing makes the technology attainable to small businesses.
  • Makes substantial improvements to boost productivity levels at an organizational level.

All of these advantages ring true and illustrate why it’s so important for businesses to take advantage of the technology as soon as possible. The sooner a firm starts enjoying the benefits of superior OCR software the more money they’ll save in the long run, especially when purchased from Kelley Imaging.

No competitors on the market can match the value that customers receive with FineReader 14. The software is robust enough to serve business needs at a competitive price with no complications. Superior service for less, it’s that simple.  

Get the Best from the Best, Kelley Imaging Has the ABBYY OCR Technology Firms Need

Businesses across the Pacific Northwest can count on Kelly Imaging to give them the best deal around on ABBYY OCR technology. Better yet, they can rely on them for high-quality service long after the sale. Don’t hesitate, get FineReader 14 through Kelley Imaging right away and start seeing a difference in productivity. The software will be welcomed by staff for its ease of use and robust capabilities.

Get connected with Kelley Imaging and start enjoying the benefits of ABBYY OCR technology today!

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