Mailing Solutions for Seattle Businesses

Mailing Solutions for Seattle Businesses

A business has a great many concerns that split their resources and take up time and money. Mailing is one of the most logistically difficult operations to manage. In today’s fiercely competitive market, businesses cannot afford to lag behind in anything including mailing.

The cost and time that comes with mistakes or inefficiencies made in mailing can add up quickly and start affecting the bottom line. Here’s what managers in the Seattle area need to know about mailing solutions and how they can help them rise above the competition.

Why Direct Mail Is Important for Business

Direct mail is still a key component of for businesses. There will always be an important role for direct mailing in business as it remains one of the most effective options available. Businesses using direct mail can benefit from sophisticated mailing solutions. Software services are one of the most effective solutions as will be discovered later on.             


When it comes to direct mail for business, there are some unique challenges involved. The response rates for direct mail have been rising in recent years, but improvement is still critical to see a return. Many of these challenges can be overcome by partnering with reliable services offering software solutions.

One of the greatest challenges of direct mailing is cost. The sheer expense of mail that is sent out by businesses of scale every single day adds up to some monstrous postal expenses.

Many of these expenses can be skirted or reduced through effective facilitation of services offered through Kelley Imaging and their partners.

Pitney Bowes Solutions

Pitney Bowes is one of the most effective mailing solutions on the market today. They are nigh unbeatable on price and can make common logistical headaches go away. With Pitney Bowes, managers have all of the essential mailing supplies at their fingertips.

The platform lets users send essential mail supplies including envelopes, stamps, etc. straight from their desk, making it one of the most convenient option around. Managers can streamline mailing with ease using the service and are able to enjoy unparalleled control over their mailing operations.

Formax Solutions

Formax can optimize office mailing operations and make it possible to produce exceptional newsletters, packages, and envelopes enriched with superior color printing that pops. Customers and colleagues alike will be impressed by the breathtaking quality. Formax carries cutting-edge folders, tabbers, joggers, continuous form bursters, and more.

Perhaps one of the most beneficial Formax products that can make a serious difference in office productivity is their mailing software.  Mailing software can make print operations more efficient as well by sorting and collating unprinted documents.

MailDoc, a Formax software suite, can employ Optical Mark Recognition, and Barcode Recognition to sort documents the smart way.

Bulk Mailer is another powerful Formax mailing solution that can make it easy to navigate the rather Byzantine regulations of the United States Postal Service. Managers who use software like Bulk Mailer enjoy exceptional cost savings on postage. The program does all the work and can figure out how to get the best deal on postage when mailing large quantities of parcels.  

Kelley Imaging, the Premier Choice for Mailing Solutions in Washington State

While the mailing products built by Pitney Bowes and Formax are among the most effective in the state of Washington, firms can save money when shopping through a key vendor. Kelley Imaging has long been a trusted industry leader in Washington and the Seattle area and has partnerships with Formax and Pitney Bowes. That means that shopping through Kelley Imaging has some substantial potential for cost savings.  

Kelley Imaging goes far beyond physical mailing solutions, they also incorporate the optimization of digital documents. With the advantages of partnering with Kelley Imaging for mailing solutions, Washington businesses can soar ahead of their competitors. The benefits of cost savings on postage, sorted documents, and easy ordering of mailing supplies, firms can operate more efficiently while saving money.

Kelley Imaging, Your Mailing Solutions Expert in Seattle, Washington

Kelley Imaging is hands down the most trusted and efficient firm in the Seattle area for mailing solutions. Experience the Kelley difference. With Kelley Imaging as a partner, mailing solutions have never been easier. 

Take the next step, get in touch with Kelley Imaging today, and start enjoying the benefits of superior mailing solutions.

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