Managed Network Services for Healthcare Facilities

Managed Network Services for Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities have a lot of unique concerns when it comes to managing their networks. Managing networks while navigating compliance stipulations is a headache, but many healthcare organizations are starting to see the advantages of using a managed network service. Here’s what management in healthcare should know about these essential services and how they can benefit their facilities.

Healthcare Facility Networks

For healthcare facilities, networks are as much a key component of operations as they are a prime target. These networks are heavily targeted by hackers looking to make off with valuable patient information.

Personal medical information has come to outgrow financial information in value on the black market, making it highly sought after. Hackers will stop at nothing, but leaders like Kelley Imaging stop hackers in their tracks, providing professional-grade security to healthcare facility networks across the Pacific Northwest. 

The Advantages of Having a Managed Network Services as a Healthcare Facility

First and foremost, healthcare facilities are obligated to serving their patients. In addition to this applying to medical treatment, it also means protecting their data. Patients are entrusting healthcare facilities with very personal information.

Healthcare facilities are subject to tight regulations when it comes to protecting and managing patient information. Following HIPAA guidelines regarding the use and management of medical information is paramount to any healthcare facility. Violating HIPAA regulations is disastrous and can incur millions of dollars in damages. Managed services like Kelley Imaging understands healthcare facility needs and can make HIPPAA compliance at the network level a cinch. 

The information must be safeguarded at all costs. Luckily, managed network services from Kelley Imaging is available at a conservative cost. Trying to protect the information in-house is much more expensive in the long run as employing full-time IT professionals. Carrying the cost of insurance benefits and salaries is an unnecessary burden for healthcare facilities who can receive ample protection from a managed service.

Customizable Approach

In any business, the IT requirements are unique from company to company. With managed networks, they can be accustomed to any size or successful business. Kelley Imaging analyses each company's infrastructure and listens to what the largest concerns are. They take all of that information and turn it into the best-managed network solution for that exact company.

They offer a variety of services included, but not limited to:

  • Cloud-based servers
  • Virtual cloud servers and desktop solutions
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Email security and archiving
  • Hosted exchanges
  • Hybrid cloud solutions
  • Cybersecurity, malware, and virus protection
  • Virtualization

All of these services can be used in healthcare to protect all of their delicate and personal information. HIPAA recommends having all of the above mentioned managed network services in each healthcare company's computer systems.

Safety Challenges in Healthcare Facilities

In today's day and age, healthcare facilities have been one of the most challenging industries for safety with personal information. Most of the challenges are from security breaches. Some of the other challenges include:

  • Reduced budgets - departments aren't given enough money to keep network security up.
  • Transitioning to digital formats - not because they can't transition, but because it costs more money, and is time-consuming.
  • Regulatory compliance requirements - following HIPAA and HITECH requirements, violating them can be severe, and can cost up to thousands of dollars.

Kelley Imaging has been successful in helping healthcare facilities keep all of their challenges in order, and remove some when possible. They are helping the field better fruition and serve their patients.

The Costs of Not Having the Protection of a Managed Network Service in Healthcare

Healthcare facilities without the protection of a managed service are at risk of losing scores of money and medical records. One attack left a hospital down for six weeks. The hackers demanded $44,000 dollars from the 550-bed Buffalo hospital. 

In another incident, a hospital network was hacked and lost 4.5 million patient medical records. The attack affected 206 hospitals across the country and serves as an example showing the importance of having the protections of a managed service like Kelley Imaging.

Get the Best Protection on the Market, Get Kelley Imaging’s Managed Network Services

Healthcare facilities in the scenic Pacific Northwest can trust Kelley Imaging to give them the protection they need at an affordable cost. Kelley Imaging looks out for their customers, especially places of healing.

Knowing how much money they generate, not all managed services give healthcare facilities a fair deal. With Kelley Imaging every customer gets a fair deal that they can look back on with satisfaction.

Connect with Kelley Imaging and get top-of-the-line managed network services for a competitive price that won’t break the bank!

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