Print Services for K-12

Print Services for K-12

Managing a K-12 school requires more than just taking care of its student population. Countless other priorities must be regularly attended to, as well. Everything from communicating with parents to planning events to adjusting to new demands makes managing a school feel like a lot more than just a full-time job.

Fortunately, many requirements for K-12 schools can be improved without requiring a greater budget or more supervision. Print services for education are a perfect example.

6 Print Services for Education

No two schools are the same, but the vast majority of them would benefit from some combination of the following school printing services. Best of all, when you work with a company like Kelley Imaging, you don’t have to worry that their benefits will come at the expense – literally – of your budget.

1. Wide-Format and Large Size Print for Specialty Jobs

Aside from the traditional printers that students, teachers, and faculty members need for everyday printing, most K-12 academic institutions also have specialty projects throughout the year that require wide-format printing.

Depending on how often your school needs this kind of work done, it might be worth investing in wide-format printers to have onsite. For other schools, the more cost-effective solution is to outsource their wide-format printing needs.

In addition to wide-format jobs, we can also print labels and stickers, small-format printing, vinyl signs and banners, and much more. Our services are especially popular with schools that need pamphlets and event literature printed.

2. Delivery and Binding Options for Unique Printing Projects

We offer pickup and delivery options, too. That’s because we know that running a K-12 school doesn’t leave much free time for you or your staff members. So, we can either have your print job ready to go or simply bring it to your address. This also includes taking care of the binding for any projects that require it.

3. Expert Management of Your School’s Printing Needs

Of course, every school has plenty of onsite printing needs, as well. Between students, teachers, and administrators, their printers and copiers are usually in almost endless operation, as well.

That’s why so many K-12 schools have adopted managed print services (MPS). It takes an essential task – overseeing printers and copiers – and outsources it to a team of experts who will monitor their use every day of the week.

As a result, staff members can continue focusing on serving the students. Meanwhile, the MPS team will keep an eye on their hardware and supplies. It also means that budgets require less ongoing attention. When schools invest in MPS, there are no surprises at the end of the month because printing got out of control.

4. Dependable Service and Support, so Printing Is Never Suspended

Having experts looking over your hardware also means fewer repairs are necessary. Instead, preventative maintenance is carried out when required. MPS also oversees supply levels. Imagine never again finding out printing and copying needs to be rationed until more ink and toner arrives. Never worry about ordering more than you need, either, putting an unnecessary strain on your budget.

As every educator knows, the unexpected will still happen. That’s when you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that a support specialist is on their way to get your equipment back up and running ASAP.

5. Remain in Control with Mobile Print Services

At the same time, outsourcing these essential services shouldn’t mean that you have to remain in the dark. Not only will you still be able to monitor all of your school’s essential print operations, but you’ll be able to do it through a smartphone or tablet. Check in when you like from wherever you like.

6. Set the Example by Going Green

More and more, schools are expected to go green. Among other reasons, as students learn about climate change in science class, it only makes sense for schools to lead by example.

You might be surprised to learn just how much unnecessary printing happens at your school. That’s not just an extra burden on your budget. It’s bad for the environment, as well.

Printing programs that focus on environmental sustainability can help your K-12 school go green through:

  • Toner Cartridge Recycling
  • Reduced Power Consumption
  • Automatic Meter Collection

We also offer PrintReleaf, a service that guarantees every sheet of paper you use will be reforested. Every 8,333 sheets of standard-letter paper will result in another tree being planted.

Our Experts Are Here for Your School Printing Requirements

Could your K-12 schools benefit from one or more of the school printing services mentioned above? Would it make your life easier, too?

If so, we’d love to discuss any of these services. Just contact us today and let’s talk about how print services for education could meet the unique needs of your unique academic institution.

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