PrintReleaf: A Guilt-Free Printing Solution

PrintReleaf: A Guilt-Free Printing Solution

Everyone wants to do their part to help the environment. However, office managers and business owners have considerably more options than the average person. Small businesses and corporations alike are increasingly starting to implement sustainability solutions that add value to their day-to-day processes. These include well-known office sustainability best practices like using recycled paper, remanufactured toner cartridges, and other solutions that often cost less than brand-new consumables.

Although these are powerful initiatives that all organizations should implement, there is an area where they fall short. Corporate stakeholders aren’t just interested in knowing whether the company invests in office sustainability, they want to know exactly how much they contribute.

It is notoriously difficult to put a price tag on office sustainability. When corporate stakeholders ask for a total calculation of the benefits sustainability provides, they often don’t get an exact answer from management.

One of the most appealing solutions to this problem is the PrintReleaf program available through Kelley Imaging. It provides clear accountability for organizations’ environmental health and even translates those values into real reforestation efforts.

What Is PrintReleaf?

PrintReleaf Exchange is a print monitoring software that tracks paper consumption throughout corporate print networks. It allows office managers and executives to enjoy real-time statistics on consumable sustainability.

But PrintReleaf does more than just track paper consumption. It calculates how many trees your organization’s print output is equivalent to and then puts a reforestation plan in place to compensate.

PrintReleaf is partnered with multiple reforestation efforts around the world, and uses the data it gathers to set benchmarks for reforestation initiatives. Alongside the environmental effects, this produces multiple benefits for businesses and local communities:

  • Certification. PrintReleaf efforts are certified and verified by SGS International, the world’s largest and most reputable certification authority.
  • New Jobs. Every reforestation effort from PrintReleaf creates jobs for members of the local community. PrintReleaf helps people make a living planting and caring for trees in at-risk areas.
  • Technology. PrintReleaf technology automates data collection to inform office sustainability directives. It offers a streamlined user experience that requires little to no supervision to produce results.
  • Branding. One of the best ways to environmental responsibility into a value-added process is by using it with branded marketing campaigns. PrintReleaf gives you the data you need to do this automatically.

By gathering data on your office’s paper consumption and investing in global reforestation projects, PrintReleaf makes it easy for organizations to become actively sustainable businesses. PrintReleaf certification ensures that the paper you use truly does get replaced.

Where Does PrintReleaf Help?

PrintReleaf looks for areas where deforestation is at its worst and finds ways to compensate for the damage. Some of PrintReleaf’s current projects include:

  • Brazil. Brazil’s forests have long been under extreme stress due to human-driven activities. The loss of rainforest flora and fauna carries powerful implications for Brazil’s future, and for worldwide biodiversity. PrintReleaf focuses on repopulating one of the country’s most at-risk natural habitats, the Atlantic Forest.
  • The United States. PrintReleaf is dedicated to assisting with the reforestation of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, the eighth largest of its kind in the United States. Reforestation partners work directly with Oglala Lakota Native Americans, planting new trees and establishing sustainable reforestation initiatives for local residents.
  • Mexico. Some of the poorest regions in Mexico suffer from severe deforestation as local residents and indigenous peoples cut down trees for immediate survival. However, the deforested earth is of poor quality for farming, creating an unsustainable cycle. PrintReleaf is working hard to transform the local economy and build economic stability through its reforestation efforts.
  • Madagascar. There are roughly 200,000 species endemic to Madagascar. These are plants and animals that will go extinct if the island nation fails to sustain its forests. PrintReleaf operates reforestation efforts in Madagascar to stop the exploitation of one of the world’s most threatened ecosystems.
  • India. In Meghaya, a little-known province along India’s northeastern border, decades of mining have degraded an important natural forest. This puts 130 endangered species at risk of extinction. PrintReleaf’s reforestation efforts put local Khasi villagers to work revitalizing the area’s forests and helping the local economy.

Play Your Part in Global Reforestation with PrintReleaf

PrintReleaf through Kelley Imaging is one of the easiest and most effective ways organizations can broaden their sustainability initiatives while collecting clear data on the effects of their actions. Users can select the areas they wish to direct reforestation efforts in and then track the forest’s growth in real-time through a dedicated online portal.

Make reforestation a part of your company’s environmental sustainability initiatives. Talk to one of our experts about getting started today.

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