Proactive Approaches to Prevent Data Loss

Proactive Approaches to Prevent Data Loss

Data loss is one of the costliest misfortunes to befall a business of any industry. These events can cripple finances and bring firms down overnight. Anything that can help avoid data loss is a welcome friend to the business community. Here’s what managers need to know about data loss and how they can work with professional managed services to prevent it.

What Is the Impact of Data Loss?

The impact of data loss is felt by businesses mostly in the form of losing money. Where there’s data loss, a loss of capital is sure to follow. The two go hand in hand and create massive headaches for business around the globe.

The Cost of a Data Breach

The cost of a data breach extends much farther than the money that’s lost. A firm that experiences a data breach suffers a blow to its reputation as well. Customers and investors alike will be wary of the company. An otherwise successful company that is struck by a data breach can quickly fall from favor and become toxic to investors.

In the United States, a data breach can cost companies upwards of $350,000. More alarming still, it takes firms 197 days on average to identify that a breach has occurred and 69 days to get one under control.

Effective data loss prevention software and managed services such as those made available by Kelley Imaging takes the worry off management’s shoulders. Their protection covers data that is in-use, in motion, and at rest.

Three Uses of Data Loss Protection

Keeping personal information protected is crucial for most businesses. In some cases, like healthcare, keeping delicate information private and safe is one of their main concerns, especially in the minds of HIPAA.

IP protection is another reason for DLP, it keeps your organization's financial health and brand image safe. DLP will keep policies and controls in place, and protect unwanted exfiltration of their data. Comprehensive DLP solutions help track data endpoints, networks, and cloud files. It provides visibility to individual users within the company's data interactions. Using DLP in these cases can mediate other safety points like insider threats, office 365 data security, user and entity behavior analysis, and advanced threats.

Why Data Loss Prevention

The market for DLP has been around for a while but has evolved to include managed services, cloud functioning, and advanced threat protection, along with a few other new things. With all of these constantly happening, there has been an uptick in the need for DLP adoption to protect data. Here are a few trends that are behind the rise of DLP:

  • The growth of CISO roles
  • Evolving compliance mandates
  • More places to protect data
  • Data breaches are frequent and large
  • Organization's stolen data is worth more money
  • The amount of data to steal has risen
  • There is a security talent shortage

Data loss prevention software and extra protection through managed services are worth every penny. Businesses can enjoy peace of mind at a cost that they’ll barely notice. Quality like this can’t be bought anywhere else, seek out Kelley Imaging for the best deal in the Pacific Northwest.

Gauging an Organization’s Risk Through Auditing

Audits can reveal an organization’s risk level concerning their potential for experiencing data loss. Knowing the risk level is often seen as the first step, but in all practicality, firms should be seeking protection before not after examining risk levels. 

It pays to have data protection from a professional managed service no matter what, and companies who invest in them tend to do much better overall. Especially for firms that switched out some of their in-house IT staff in exchange for a managed service. Paying a top-notch managed IT service like Kelley Imaging is far less expensive than supporting the salaries and benefits packages of an in-house IT department. 

Stop Data Breaches Before It Starts with Kelley Imaging Data Loss Prevention Software

In the Pacific Northwest, not all managed services are created equal; Kelley Imaging offers high-grade data protection services with customized and affordable options. Get the Kelley advantage and never worry about data loss again.

Get in touch with Kelley Imaging and get the peace of mind that comes with their professional-grade managed security services.

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