Responsible Printing: How to Offset Your Print Usage

Responsible Printing: How to Offset Your Print Usage

Despite many valiant and rather expensive efforts to replace the use of paper with the digital office, it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. What this means is that firms need to focus on using paper more efficiently and offset print usage.

However, that doesn’t mean that they have to skimp on quality, just that firms need to run a tighter ship. Here’s how to help preserve the environment while increasing office productivity through a more strategic use of paper.

The True Cost of Paper and the Need for Responsible Printing

The sheer volume of paper that flows through offices every single day is overwhelming. Putting a numerical figure on it doesn’t do it justice as it’s difficult to visualize such a quantity from a number alone.

The American office worker goes through around 10,000 sheets of paper per year on average, which is a tremendous amount. The environmental cost of using that much paper is sobering and makes it clear that firms need a better way to manage their printing operations.

 The cost adds up quickly, both environmentally and financially. The monetary amount of paper per employee varies by the size of the business. Here’s how much firms can expect to spend on paper for each office worker every month.

  • Small businesses can spend $77-92 a month per person.
  • Medium-sized businesses with a workforce of 40 spend closer to $45-53 per person every month.
  • Larger firms spend closer to $27-32 for paper per employee each month.

As one can see, firms of ample size such as those with more employees spend less per employee, the savings are offset, however, by the number of staff (which in this case occupies a range of 200). The math still comes out saying the same thing, paper when viewed as a monthly cost per employee is expensive. Anything that can either reduce the use of office paper or make things more efficient is a boon to any business.

The exorbitant cost of using so much paper creates a need for responsible printing. By offsetting print usage, firms can save money while working to reduce their environmental footprint, a move that customers will appreciate. 

Managed Services Can Help Offset Print Usage

Today’s consumers are intensely concerned about the environment and they have been reflecting that concern in their purchasing decisions. Modern shoppers, especially millennials, are aligning themselves with companies that advertise themselves as being environmentally conscious.

Managed services like Kelly Imaging in the Pacific Northwest can greatly improve the cost and use of paper for any organization. They offer a wide range of effective solutions including recycling programs like PrintReLeaf, which contributes to reforestation efforts by planting trees based on your print usage. When you use PrintReleaf, you’ll receive detailed reports about your usage and how much you’ve reforested. The PrintReLeaf program has been successfully implemented at numerous universities in the state of Virginia, businesses across the country, and creates jobs in local economies while helping to fight global deforestation.  

Enjoy the Benefits of Responsible Printing, with Kelley Imaging

Kelley Imaging can optimize print environments with paper recycling programs and other services that will make a noticeable difference for companies of any size. The advantages of partnering with Kelley Imaging are unlimited. Unlike other services, they don’t work by limiting the client’s use of paper and hindering their abilities or production levels. Instead, Kelley Imaging works with their clients to build effective solutions that will save them money and the environment.

Call Kelley Imaging and ask about the advantages of responsible printing and paper recycling programs. Start enjoying greater printing productivity at a lower cost and with a smaller footprint today!

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